Daily Love Horoscope – September 17, 2023

Daily Love Horoscope – September 17, 2023

ARIES Daily Love Horoscope September 17, 2023

Our cosmic messenger planet, mental Mercury, is now awake within the sky, Aries. As he transits your solar sixth house of productivity, you’ll begin to feel the pace of life creeping forward. Now is the period to analyze your work-life balance and how you prioritize passion, pleasure, and romance. You still have some time to figure things out as Mercury begins to retrace his pathways in the heavens above. Assess your calendar and talk with your partner about ways you can keep the two of you on the top of your list.

TAURUS Daily Love Horoscope September 17, 2023

Finally, the pace of life is about to pick up speed, Taurus. Mental Mercury, our cosmic messenger planet of the mind and communication, is direct in your solar fifth house of romance, true love, dating, and children. If you’ve recently reconnected with someone — such as an ex or old flame — use the period ahead to assess if you’re both thinking clearly. With our cosmic messenger groggy but moving, new love interests may also pop up. Have meaningful heart-to-hearts. If in a relationship, use this energy to discuss how you can have more fun and laughter in your lives.

GEMINI Daily Love Horoscope September 17, 2023

You’ve likely noticed a slight increase in clarity and energy, Gemini. Your planetary ruler, mental Mercury, is now awake in your solar fourth house of home, family, and domesticity. Any confusion you’ve experienced will begin to dissipate. For couples that have kids and live together, this is a great period to have deep and honest conversations. If you’ve been dating your crush for a while but haven’t introduced them to your family, consider doing so soon. They’ll get along better and understand each other more, too. Also, if you’ve had any deep emotions you need to discuss, things should fare better now.

CANCER Daily Love Horoscope September 17, 2023

After weeks of turmoil, life is gradually picking up speed gradually, Cancer. Mental Mercury, our cosmic messenger planet of the mind, is awake in your solar third house of communications and travel. You may be rehashing ideas and thoughts with your significant other, sweetheart, or the world. Speaking your mind and finding a practical approach to solutions will also fare much better now. With our planet of travel smiling once again, plan a trip to nearby destinations or even a staycation in your home city. Know that clarity is returning to you with confidence. Praise the heavens!

LEO Daily Love Horoscope September 17, 2023

Mental Mercury’s movement forward will finally be felt, Leo. He is smiling softly in your solar second house. If you’ve experienced frustrations around money, now you can discuss your income and expenses with your partner and assess how the pair of you can further build wealth. You may even consider talking about new possessions or things that you’d like to buy or own but waited to do so until after the retrograde phase. Your mind and thoughts will be clearer than before, and you and your sweetheart can advance!

VIRGO Daily Love Horoscope September 17, 2023

Finally, after shifts back and forth for weeks, your planetary ruler, mental Mercury, is chugging along forward in your zodiac sign, Virgo. He is domicile in your zodiac sign, empowering you with insight, wisdom, and vision. As he picks up speed in your solar first house of identity, you’ll have the winning words and ideas to persuade anyone — especially a significant other or potential suitor — that you’re on the right track, even if there was some confusion recently. You’ll have a better plan of attack because sometimes it helps to take the long way around to understand the best strategy.

LIBRA Daily Love Horoscope September 17, 2023

After weeks of frustration, mental Mercury is now inching forward, Libra. As he advances through your solar twelfth house, you’ll notice that your intuition and dreams whisper with newfound messages — perhaps even ones you doubted in recent weeks. Use this energy to tap into what your spirit and hunches are telling you regarding your personal and romantic life. If secrets or drama popped up recently, now is the time to dust yourself off, be upfront about it, and face the music. Just don’t let your fears or anxieties stand in the way this time.

SCORPIO Daily Love Horoscope September 17, 2023

Finally, after a retrograde phase, mental Mercury is out of his slumber, Scorpio. You may once again be overloaded with invites from friends, acquaintances, and business contacts. Mercury, our cosmic messenger planet, is advancing forth through your solar eleventh house of communities. This same sector also rules online dating, which means that single Scorpios have more luck once again connecting with or matching with new options. If you did recently connect with an old flame or ex, though, tread lightly as you both gather facts about whether you’ve changed enough to give it another go.

SAGITTARIUS Daily Love Horoscope September 17, 2023

Life might not be entirely back in the fast lane, but at least it’s moving forward, Sagittarius. Mental Mercury, our cosmic messenger, is now awake in your solar tenth house of achievement. While you’ll certainly see things proceeding around your career, it’s a fantastic moment to understand what role you want love to play in your public recognition. People will judge and know you together, so how do you present yourself to the world regarding your relationships? Do you show them off? Or do you hide them away? Consider these factors now.

CAPRICORN Daily Love Horoscope September 17, 2023

The headaches should subside now that mental Mercury is back on track, Capricorn. He is now awake in a fellow earth sign — your solar ninth house. He is once again sweetly aligned with your zodiac sign and is telling you confidently to pursue new horizons and explore the world. Now is a great moment to be thinking about how to add more adventure, travel, spirituality, and wisdom to your lifestyle for both you and your significant other. If one of your trips has hit snags or delays, know that things should start proceeding with less difficulty now.

AQUARIUS Daily Love Horoscope September 17, 2023

Stretch, breath, and namaste, Aquarius. Finally, our cosmic messenger planet, mental Mercury, is now awake in your solar eighth house of intimacy and sexuality. Recently, you may have been assessing if your needs are truly being fulfilled by your partner — financially, sexually, emotionally, and beyond. You may also have brought a microscope to your and your spouse’s assets and investments. Luckily, if there was any confusion or miscommunication, things should start getting better now. Communicate slowly, directly, and clearly. Your partner will still be feeling groggy from the retrograde, so you can now use this time to see eye to eye.

PISCES Daily Love Horoscope September 17, 2023

If you’ve felt woozy and lost in a fog for weeks, that is fading in the rearview mirror, Pisces. Mental Mercury, our cosmic messenger planet, is now direct in your solar seventh house of relationships. If you’ve dealt with miscommunication, frustration, or confusion around partnerships, you’re now advancing forward to figure that out. You may now better be able to see eye to eye in matters of commitment, promises, and union. If single, use this energy to have meaningful discussions about your expectations in relationships with others. The recent weeks weren’t meant to be a curse but a blessing in disguise.


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