Daily Tarotscopes – April 17, 2024

Daily Tarotscopes – April 17, 2024

Check your daily tarotscope to figure out what is anticipated for you involving soothsaying and numerology for Wednesday, April 17, 2024 by zodiac sign.


6 Swords

Hi, Aries!!!You derive much pleasure by being in close proximity of the one you secretly love. Emotions run high, and quickly without taking any time you may take bold decision so that others could not interfere in their life. You might want to take a vacation and just chill out and that vacation may be near the sea, or the river or any water body. It could be misleading and nothing else. Condition of those ailing may show improvements and could go out for place change.


Knight of Swords

For those in the creative field this is the day to let their creative juices flow and make their presence felt. Any attempt you make to keep a partner or loved one happy won’t seem to work out with this attitude. It does not matter what you do they will find faults with it. Harmonious relations could be maintained by your patience and soft attitude, your intention is right, and concern for the people is great too. But approach you make is somewhat aggressive; just have a check on it.


The World

You get the chance to meet people you had not met lately. It’s your trust, passion and inner strength that make relationship run stronger for longer. You find your partner who you love stand by your side at all time. You can seize your today. You can maximize the things that matter- health, wealth, career, family and love in all areas of life. Working women feel immense satisfaction as they feel able to manage individual and family finances.


Ace of Swords

Don’t be too stingy where your own people are concerned. You may walk away from love which is no longer working. On academic front you participate in various activities. Interviews, exams, competitions will take your time. You are also in mood to experiment with platonic love as intellectual friends or lovers attract your attention. Get ready busy socially as well. Written communication and correspondence needs attention, be gentle and soft in your approach and expression.


The Fool

An outing/travel put off previously may get materialized today. A new beginning in life is going to start now. This may include learning new skill, joining new job, making a new relationship or just starting a second inning after your retirement. Whatever it may be you are optimistic, hopeful, and looking forward to the future. Like a maverick you are in the mood of learning something new and experiencing the new field you just entered.



Well!!! You may have to find out time to catch up work that is left incomplete on the academic front. You need to make the middle path of balance and moderation to achieve goals. Look at what you feel guilty about, mistakes that you feel you’ve made in your past. Then forgive yourself, and let them go. Learn from the mistakes. There is a caution for those who are eligible for marriage but reject proposals on account of their whims and fancies.


10 Wands

Don’t feel vindictive against someone who has not been nice to you previously. Responsibilities seem unending and results are chaotic. Find out where you are going wrong. There is lack of communication, sharing of work load. Learn to share work. You have the ability to take responsibility and completing them in time. Getting detailed to do something you just love is likely to make your day.



Scorpios strike right at this time. A beautiful start to a new romance, relation in which you will experience understanding, harmony and deep love is on the card. You are impartial in your work and justify all your responsibilities personal or professional. Balance, mutual respect and harmony in relations with one another will be felt. There is no I, just we, and both parties are focused on a mutually beneficial outcome or win-win situation. A final verdict in legal case may favor you.


3 Swords

An adversary on love front may be disheartening. You feel hurt, desperate and lonely. There may be end of relationship or your spouse, or the person you love would just forget commitment you made with each other. The energy of the day goes against you. Condition for those ailing may get deteriorate. Health issues should be looked after without delay. High BP, heart diseases or serious ailment could lead to surgery.


Knight of Wands

Good performance on the academic front may come as a big relief to those getting the heebie-jeebies. You are set to improve your life. This is a good day to tackle any and all challenges that come into your path. Travel is indicated too; either on account of work or adventurous activity like rock climbing, sky diving or horse riding, or you just drive fast. Well, use safety measures and slow down your speed.


Page of Wands

Recognition is in store for those pursuing higher education. This is a good day for appearing in interview, competitive exam and starting a new venture. Promotion may come. Those engaged to get married are likely to enjoy an extended courtship. You feel young and energetic. New ideas will generate in your mind and give spark to creativity. You can expect good news of conception or birth of a child in the family.


2 Swords

Maintaining cordial relations with all will work in your favor later on. You should not ignore your responsibilities. It is likely that you spend the day in planning only without reaching out on final decision. A serious approach towards work is necessary. Working on projects with a partner or colleague will be challenging today. Completing a job left half way by someone may take your time at work and this could make you irritated.


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