Daily Tarotscopes – April 20, 2024

Daily Tarotscopes – April 20, 2024

Check your daily tarotscope to figure out what is anticipated for you involving soothsaying and numerology for Saturday, April 20, 2024 by zodiac sign.


The World

Hi Aries!!! A wonderful day of wish fulfillment and highest achievement could be made. Today is a period when new opportunities are on the horizon. Destiny is working in your favor, and a new door will open. Get prepare for new experiences in life. It is also possible that connection with people from distant land is made or a travel abroad is made. Students aspiring for education abroad may finally achieve their goals.


The Magician

The smart sycophancy of your junior at work place or spouse may win your heart. Your imagination can go into overdrive and you believe whatever is presented to you is true. Glamour and fashionable trends may fascinate you today. Some eye catching and attractive ads will work like magic and you feel tempted to spend money. Those in sales and marketing will do well, those in high position will be tactful in getting the work done by the juniors.


5 cups

A love relationship you are in may have just ended or may be about to start the process of ending. You feel depressed and isolated, your partner to whom you love has ditched you or there may be a situation of separation in the family. Professional issues need your attention too. Give yourself some time and space. This is not the time to start new business or relationship. If you have any plans postpone it for sometimes.


4 pentacles

You may be tagged as miser today. Tracking discount offers, and reducing energy consumption in various ways are on the cards. You have decided to take control on eating out, going out for movie and impulse buying in order to save money. But in matters of heart you should be open minded and express your feelings to your partner. Communication gap could bring a distance between you.


The Hangedman

Indecision, confusions could mark your day. You may find yourself stuck between two choices. The intervention of third party in relations could make situation worse try to handle problems all by yourself. If you are single and looking for life partners this is not the time to come to the conclusion in the selection. All alliances seem to be perfect, you may make wrong choice. You could find better match in the time to come.


4 wands

You may get busy in organizing an auspicious ceremony like house warming, inauguration of new venture, attending an important guests or just celebrating anniversary of your marriage. Home environment is positive, happiness and contentment will be felt. The day is good for investment in property or long term profits. Married couples will enjoy marital bliss. A sense of accomplishment will be felt.


3 wands

It is time to think big. You meet many opportunities to expand your horizons, through study, travel, business enterprise and learning. You need to become more aware of the opportunities that exist for you right now as there may be more than you are aware of, to best see and take advantage of them. You must concentrate, cooperate and remain open-minded. Working in group/partnership will get you satisfaction today.


Queen of cups

Scorpios feel emotional but strong at heart. You support your partner with heart and soul. You are nurturing, caring and perfect home maker today, whether male or female your interest in making home comfortable is on the card. You feel very possessive of your things today. Presenting a gift or fulfilling a cherished dream of your spouse is on the card. Ladies may feel low on account of some gynae problems.


King of swords

A cut throat competition might be faced today. You must take the lead with providing an objective point of view. You are well-positioned to judge your situation in right perspective. The day is good for taking important decisions about the family and career. People may seek your guidance under your expertise and qualification as your strict determination and domineering attitude would put the strong foundation.


6 pentacles

Focus on money/finances will mark your day. A friend might even ask for a substantial loan. You may assist your loved one financially and emotionally both. You are sensitive to the need of others. Communicate with family members and find out about any concern they have. Your sense of tradition will get in the way trying out new things. This is a great time to work together. Relationship with family members will be smooth.


6 wands

Winning in odd situation will give you courage. Happiness and celebration is seen today. It could be accomplishment on the academic front. You people will make a mark of yourself. At work place your position is secure; people will realize your potential and appreciate your work. Suddenly, your ideas and opinions will be welcomed and appreciated. Those in politics and contesting election, win is certain. Your energy and vitality will be best.


The High priestess

Hi! You are calm and do your work quietly today. Your patience and divine connection are your greatest strength. With your gut feelings and intuitive powers you assess the situation, but will not react. Your plans and thoughts are limited to you. You would not like to share your feelings with anyone. You may be possessive about the secret affairs whether personal or professional, curiosity/learning about occult or deep knowledge is on the card.


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