Daily Tarotscopes – April 21, 2024

Daily Tarotscopes – April 21, 2024

Check your daily tarotscope to figure out what is anticipated for you involving soothsaying and numerology for Sunday, April 21, 2024 by zodiac sign.


2 Pentacles

Managing the finance is very important at this time. Maintaining a safe distance and steering clear of all workplace controversies is the way to go. You may need to put across loud and dislike for someone taking liberties instead of tolerating his/her nonsense. A deal threatens to slip out from your hands due to lack of perseverance. It’s time to go with the flow and express your feelings to one you love.


2 Swords

You may run short of vision and decision making powers. Confusions and apprehensions will prevail. Learn to prioritize the things. You might have to leave one thing in order to attain other. You find yourself in a situation where you have many options and it is difficult which one is the most suitable for you. The people around you may take the benefit of your inability and occupy the place for which you are entitled. Use your instincts to come out with the best solution.


Knight of wands

It is time to travel, to move, posting and sharpen your focus on the career front. You are in high spirit and have abundance of energy which you will use in creative pursuits. You are positive, adventurous and rich in vitality. Commitments and responsibilities, whether personal or professional make you busy but you have them with open heart. People will have high esteem about you. Change of house/office is on the card.


The Star

You are hard working and leave no stone unturned to become victorious in your endeavor. The investments you have done in the past are now ready for rich dividends. If you are looking for job and career enhancement some opportunity might knock at the door today. Attending an important social occasion may put you in the public eye. You can take risk today.


The World

Hi, Leo!!! You feel happy of your achievements. You find things are going alright up to the satisfaction level. You enjoy good health, food and entertainment. Prosperity, progress and happiness could be enjoyed. A planning to travel abroad will get materialized in near future. There may be auspicious ceremony at home conception, birth of child, marriage, engagement or career successes are the indications.


4 wands

Happiness, laughter and sharing time with loved ones is on the card. It is the perfect time to get together with your family and friends or join in a celebration. You may invite your closest friends or be invited over for an intimate dinner and a few glasses of nice wine. A marriage, engagement, birth of a child, a birthday, house warming or other type of celebration that marks a special milestone is indicated.



Librans are thoughtful and would not mind to bring changes if required. Now you need to bring changes in your life style, food habits and working schedule for a better life. Overlook others mistakes for a while. Better you chose a moderate one that is balanced and which has the potential to solve many issues in life to make life much smoother.


The Hierophant

Working in team and group suits you well. You can choose arranged and traditional marriage instead thrust into your own choice. You can’t fight with your parents/seniors of the family. Instead of being innovative, you will need to adapt to the existing set of beliefs and systems that are already in place. Some of you may feel blessed; some auspicious ceremony may be organized at home.


The Chariot

Lot of hustle bustle, lot of strenuous activities could mark your day. But you have the stamina to face them diligently and efficiently. You are at the right track; make sure you will keep the spirit high in your personal matters too. A travel by road for business concern is indicated. Drive fast is not advisable. Check your vehicle before you start. You may get stuck in traffic jam today, so start from home some time in advance.


Queen of wands

Your dreams are big and so are your actions. You have the ability to create a world of your own and make a mark of yourself. You may find your drive to excel on the academic front. You are amazingly creative and focus on work today. There is good news of promotion or appraisal. Self confidence keeps your morale high. You are in position of power, and authority. You can handle any situation with your intelligence.


The Hermit

You may be surprised to see the progress in your work. The day starts with good vibes and you leave home with positive mindset, the blessings of senior members in the family will boost your confidence. Some auspicious ceremony will be organized at home. If you work together in a team, will be more successful Individual efforts may not be rewarding today.


Queen of Swords

You are stern and independent in thought and action. You like to know the how, what, why, where, when and who of everything to help you make sense of the environment and to better understand others. It is not that you do not care about others but you connect to other people through an intellectual understanding rather than an emotional understanding. You take decisions with your mind than heart today. You may face grimace of your boss.


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