Daily Tarotscopes – April 9, 2024

Daily Tarotscopes – April 9, 2024

Check your daily tarotscope to figure out what is anticipated for you involving soothsaying and numerology for Tuesday, April 9, 2024 by zodiac sign.


The Moon

Hi, Aries!!! Mental tension on account of health issues of mother/sister/wife will remain. You feel stressed out and lonely. Loving relations need your attention but your mind won’t allow you to socialize and connect with the people. Try to take things in positive way whether personal or professional and stay cool. Meditation, Yoga and Pranayam will prove stress buster, morning walk in fresh air will freshen up your mind and boost up your confidence.


9 pentacles

Investment in property could be the better idea today. You have attained success it may be small or big and you are in mood of celebration. It could be the completion of construction work, or starting a new venture. You look at life in more joyful way so that you are a pleasure to be with. You spend time in entertainment, partying and celebrating event. Friends are important, you like loving friends who will put their arms around you. Life seems to be sweet and you want to have blast.


The Magician

You are chirpy, communicative and play smart today. You try to make a difference in your life by your sheer charm and talking skills. You will come up with creative ways to solve problems. On professional front, those who are in sales, and networking sector could do well today, your network will increase. Beware of sycophants, you will need to eliminate any distractions that will take your focus away from what you want to achieve.


The Tower

Check your work; there are some loop holes some lapses that could result in non achievement. Out of the blue, something shocking happens that completely destroys your picture of peace and harmony. It blows your mind or throws you for a loop. There is a sudden realization that your comfort was based on an inadequate foundation of false thought, belief and action. Make sure you have done required investigations or market survey before you go on for a new venture.


8 swords

There will be a dilemma whereby you are faced with the difficulty of a painful decision and you are at an impasse, uncertain of which way to go. Despite the fact that you have boxed yourself into a corner, there is a way out. The solution is simply to deal with the situation in the most direct yet tactful manner possible, and face your choice with inner strength. It is time to be honest with yourself and others in order to be free of the burden of fear or guilt.


The world

Virgos are in good frame of mind and enjoy all the pleasures of life. This is celebration time after the accomplishments you have made. A sense of closure as well as achievement would thrill you at this time. Your dream of travel abroad is going to be fulfilled now. The connections with the friends especially those in overseas prove fruitful for you. Those who are in fashion, film and arts related fields will do extremely well.


The Devil

Hi, Librans!!!You may be the victim of self made boundaries, and that could hamper your progress. Some negative forces are at play against you. Be cautious that keep your money at safe place and take care of your belongings. Look carefully your company, and friends too who could make a big hole in your pocket. Addictions and obsessions could be dominant upon you. Pay attention to diet, exercise, and making time to rest and eat healthy food.


Queen of Pentacles

Scorpios are rich by money and by heart. This is the time when you will get financial gains. You may feel blessed as you get loving support and nurturing care by motherly figure to help you get through the influences of your past. You feel safe and secure both emotionally and financially. Arrears, increase in salary, profits and loans will add in your happiness and make your work easy. You can also start a joint venture in partnership/or buy a property.


Knight of Swords

You find yourself impatient and very eager today. The power of your words is stronger than action. In hurry you could mess up the things and regret later. Control your passion and aggression. Check your behavior; heated arguments with the loved ones could make your day unpleasant one. People may turn hostile towards you. Stay grounded and enjoy the energy of the day. You have the potential to turn the impossible into possible.



You are very close to reaching a significant stage in your own journey. You have had a recent awakening where you have come to a realization that you need to live your life in a different way and you need to be true to yourself and your needs. You have opened yourself up to a new possibility – to lead a fulfilling life that serves your higher needs and that offers inspiration and hope to others. Something that was lying dormant within you, some unconscious knowledge or truth is finally being awakened and brought into the light.


The Hierophant

Spiritualism and traditional values are important for you today. Whatever you think is marked by certain rules. Teachings, studying religion is on the card. As you think about how you wish things to be you can seek guidance from your inner conscious as to how to manifest those dreams. You will find that the power of your inner voice may help you devise a plan that will work to your advantage. You may organize a religious function at home or at worship place today.


2 Swords

Pisces people may feel incapable to take important decisions in life. Prioritize the things. You might have to leave one thing in order to attain other. You find yourself in a situation where you have many options and it is difficult which one is the most suitable for you. Confusion will prevail. There are many alliances in your list, you have to choose one. Use your instincts to come out with the best solution.


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