Daily Tarotscopes – January 7, 2023

Daily Tarotscopes – January 7, 2023

Check your daily tarotscope to figure out what is anticipated for you involving soothsaying and numerology for Saturday, January 7, 2023 by zodiac sign.


Tarot card: Death

It’s not easy to say goodbye to someone you thought was the one for you. Sometimes you meet a special person to help you see what it is that you needed but the obstacles reveal what you must do to be the person you need to be right now.


Tarot card: Nine of Wands

There will be people who try your patience. You may not always be able to detach yourself from a stressful situation, but with time and practice you can get better at letting go of the need to speak your peace. Sometimes words unspoken are better than saying what you feel in the heat of a moment.


Tarot card: King of Cups

You have a lot of self-control today, even when you feel as though your heart is torn in two. You see the gain in front of you by waiting for the right moment to arrive. Your wisdom helps you more than you realize.


Tarot card: Nine of Swords

The group is not always right. Sometimes being the lone wolf crying in the night is hard to do, but hang in there, Cancer. They will come around.


Tarot card: Ace of Swords

Your ideas are brilliant. Today you may find yourself with a nugget of ingenuity. Write down your thoughts and see where they go.


Tarot card: Three of Wands

it’s a wonderful day to be creative. Sometimes the vibe to make art is there and you need to give into it. Plan a date with yourself to paint, draw or bake and make something that you feel proud of.


Tarot card: Ace of Wands

Do that one thing that you’ve been saying you’ll do. There’s an item on your to-do list that has been lingering there for a long time. Today make it a priority and accomplish it.


Tarot card: The Chariot

There’s a reason to remain hyper-diligent. There’s a lot of courage and inner strength within you and when life seems to get extra hard, you don’t give up. This is why the weekend ends strong, and it’s because of your mindset.


Tarot card: Nine of Pentacles

You’ve earned what you receive. Your hard work will not go unrewarded, Sagittarius. You have been giving extra and going above and beyond. The boss notices and it won’t be without some type of reward for all you have done.


Tarot card: Ace of Cups

This is a moment of truth. That one instinctual feeling you’ve had in your heart is the gut reaction to follow. When you know it’s right, you just know. There’s no fear or need to worry.


Tarot card: Two of Pentacles

There is a fork at the end of this road, and you have to make a decision about which path you will take. One path may be a career that you love with less money, and the other may be one you don’t like as much but with more. The choice is yours. Which will make you happiest?


Tarot card: Three of Pentacles

A group project goes well today. Team work is essential today. When everyone puts forth their strengths and minimizes weaknesses, amazing things can happen.


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