Daily Tarotscopes – July 12, 2024

Daily Tarotscopes – July 12, 2024

Check your daily tarotscope to figure out what is anticipated for you involving soothsaying and numerology for Friday, July 12, 2024 by zodiac sign.


Tarot card: Ten of Cups

Problems are inconvenient, that’s certain, but aren’t you amazed by how your friends seem to come out in ways you never dreamed because you’ve hit hard times? Without these moments of difficulty, you would never know how much you are loved. True friends are there for you when it’s hard. Aren’t you glad you have real friends in your life?


Tarot card: Two of Cups

Love is so strange and confounding. One moment, you can feel distant from your person, and then you are so close the next day. Your romance is right on point; all is well with the world. Whenever you work through a disagreement or learn to celebrate your differences, you grow closer … and fall in love more deeply. That’s what makes your union the kind that will last.


Tarot card: Eight of Wands

Ghosted? It hurts when you think things are going so well, but then a person stops talking; they don’t text back at all. Their radio silence is deafening. However, don’t take it personally, Gemini. It may be that they have something going on. You might handle stress differently. Rather than slam the door shut and close off any future communication, be patient and see what you learn later.


Tarot card: The Star

Spirituality is personal. You define your relationship with your higher power in the way you need it to be. You might want to spend your time in nature or go to a religious ceremony with a friend. It doesn’t have to have any one way of being, Cancer. What matters is how connected you feel and that you can sense the support of your spiritual power there for you when you need it.


Tarot card: Knight of Pentacles

Some people set a goal in their mind, and it’s as if it’s already done. You will want to adopt the same stubborn determination to be successful. Write the steps you intend to take and follow the plan. Don’t let distractions derail you. Even if you do feel like your day pushes you off course, pivot. You don’t have to let one bump in the road throw you off permanently. Get back to what you were doing and stay the course.


Tarot card: Page of Wands

Turn the page and start over again. It’s a good feeling when you can start a new chapter in your life. A clean slate can be both a sad and happy time. You are saying goodbye to mistakes you made in the past, but also hello to apply the lessons you’ve learned to bigger and better times. This is only the beginning, and you have much to look forward to. Some people don’t get the chance to start over again, but you do.


Tarot card: Ten of Pentacles

Take a step back and look at all you’ve accomplished this month. Don’t allow yourself to slow down or become lazy. Push yourself a bit more. You might break a new record in your workout or start to achieve a new financial milestone and get a little more out of debt. You could have a new spark begin in your love life with an old flame. Sometimes, you have to open the door to a new opportunity, especially if life has decided to close a window.


Tarot card: The Hierophant

You might be inclined to stick to how things are always done. Old-school ways are wonderful sources of comfort, but they can also hold you back. You have to be open to new technology or using apps that you need to learn how to use. The learning curve is always steep, but with time and practice, you’ll find that you get a bit better and more savvy each day.


Tarot card: Death

Set your grudge aside. Forgiveness is never easy. You might not want to ever speak to a person who hurt you in the past. You don’t have to, and you don’t need to become friendly. However, you can let the grudge go and lighten the load on your heart. You don’t need to carry negative energy in your heart. That hurts you and does nothing to them. Put yourself first.


Tarot card: Three of Pentacles

Yes, believe it or not, people will pay you for your skill. You might not believe someone would love to have you do what you love to do for them. But, due to lack of time, a person would prefer you to do it for them. If you’re thinking about opening a little table at a farmer’s market or advertising your talent online, test the waters. You never know where the road will lead you.


Tarot card: Six of Swords

Pay attention to your instincts. You can tell when a person isn’t good to be around. Your initial impression is what protects you. When you choose to ignore a red flag, even one you can’t see but you can feel, it leads to regret. You won’t regret being cautious, Aquarius. Better safe than sorry.


Tarot card: Justice

Fairness is an ideal that can be hard to achieve in a relationship, especially when two people come from different worlds. Every person has their point of view on what it means for things to be equal.

When you find yourself contending with a feeling of injustice in your love life, face the problem with an open heart and mind. Communicate what it looks like for you and listen attentively to hear what it looks like for your friend or loved one.


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