Daily Tarotscopes – May 7, 2024

Daily Tarotscopes – May 7, 2024

Check your daily tarotscope to figure out what is anticipated for you involving soothsaying and numerology for Tuesday, May 7, 2024 by zodiac sign.


for Aries 4 Wands

It is the perfect time to get together with your family and friends and to celebrate all the wonderful times with the extended family or join in a celebration. You may invite your closest friends or be invited over for an intimate dinner and a few glasses of nice wine. A marriage, engagement, birth of a child, a birthday, house warming or other type of celebration that marks a special milestone is on the card.


for Taurus Ace of Swords

Others may feel envy for you. You are sharp with your mental abilities today. Your memory power and intelligence is good and you do well if you are appearing for an interview. You are also in mood to experiment with platonic love as intellectual friends or lovers attract your attention. Get ready to busy yourself socially as well. Written communication and correspondence needs attention, be gentle and soft in your approach and expression.


for Gemini Justice

You will try to bring balance in all your works today. You are in tune with your body/mind/spirit and feel great about yourself. You find yourself in a position where you can exert your position and power in a more productive way. Those in profession of law, teaching, astrology and judges are impartial and work for the benefit of others.


for Cancer 5 Wands

Any attempt you make to keep a partner or beloved happy won’t seem to work today. The people will oppose you, disagree with your points. This is not the day to put forward your view point. Conflicting situations could be faced at work place too. Better stay away from any heated arguments as this will only affect the good will and reputation.


for Leos 6 Pentacle

Charity, welfare schemes will draw your attention. Your friend may ask financial assistance from you. If you looking for financial aid for higher education/home you may be granted loan, day is good for relationships too. Your generosity and kindness is appreciated by your near and dear ones. Spending money on domestic items and shopping etc is indicated.


for Virgo 3 Swords

Health issues might make you worried. A minor surgery is on the card. You don’t have to be perfect and certainly don’t have to live up to standards that other people set for you. Just be yourself all the time in the entire situation. Matters of the heart may disappoint you; your own loved ones may not be your side at the time of adversity and leave you alone in agony.


for Libra The high Priestess

You want your time and space to understand the situation. A private and retiring mood may even compel you to seek out opportunity to engage those activities that allow you to be alone. Your spirit and mind has divine connection at this time and you find peace in being alone, meditation, yoga and Pranayam exercises will draw your attention.


for Scorpio The Wheel Of Fortune

The sudden change in the scenario may surprise you today. Some out of bloom job opportunity or relation are the indication. You might be offered a job or posting or dream project. You feel positive and enthusiastic. Those who have been aspiring for education abroad could find that all the necessary requirements – visa, passport and loan etc things are progressing in positive direction. You have the reasons to feel proud and contended today.


for Sagittarius Knight of Swords

The day is marked for rough tough activities and you have to get involve yourself in all if needed. Those interested in optimal health and fitness, and those who are dancers, actors and varied performing artists may get very busy today. Travel is on the card. Haste, anger and aggression should be avoided, if you are signing any deal today, read the document seriously before signing. Avoid rigorous exercises as they can hurt you.


for Capricorn The Lovers

Capricorn people will have perfect bonding with partner personal or professional. Those who are looking for love and life partner in their life may expect wish fulfillment. They could either have marriage fixed or find a suitable partner. Love is in the air. Existing relations will get more mature and intense. There could be some cherish able moments.


for Aquarius The Empress

Prosperity, progress and happiness could be enjoyed. Aquarians find things are going alright up to the satisfaction level. There may be auspicious ceremony at home conception, birth of child, marriage, engagement or career successes are the indications. You feel happy of your achievements. You enjoy good health, food and entertainment.


for Pisces 2 swords

You find yourself in a situation where you have many options and it is difficult which one is the most suitable for you. Learn to prioritize the things. You might have to leave one thing in order to attain other. Confusion will prevail. But by evening you find a solution. In business and profession you will find mixed results. Your opponents may try to put you down, so keep working plans with you only, don’t share them with others.


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