Daily Tarotscopes – May 9, 2024

Daily Tarotscopes – May 9, 2024

Check your daily tarotscope to figure out what is anticipated for you involving soothsaying and numerology for Thursday, May 9, 2024 by zodiac sign.


for Aries The Hangedman

You may find yourself stuck between two choices. The intervention of third party in relations could make situation worse try to handle problems all by yourself. If you are single and looking for life partner this is not the time to come to the conclusion in the selection. All alliances seem to be perfect, you may make wrong choice. You could find better match in the time to come.


for Taurus 6 Pentacles

Your friend may ask financial help from you. You will focus on money/job/career today. And thankfully results are fantastic. Gains, in financial matters/lottery/ speculation and gambling are achieved. You show your generosity and concern in relationship. Keep some money for charity and welfare. Money given may be returned. Your plan of investment in property may get materialized.


for Gemini 2 Pentacles

Balancing your budget and finances is the need of the day. You are probably spending without much thought. Prioritize your requirements. Negotiate if you can this way you can save money. Property matters need your attention. Renovation and construction work in the house will make you busy. Some extra expenditure in the work could make you worried.


for Cancer Queen Of Wands

Emotional crabs are amazingly creative and focus on work today. There is good news of promotion or appraisal. You find yourself comfortable. Self confidence keeps your morale high. You are in position of power, and authority. You can handle any situation with your intelligence. Your dreams are big and so are your actions. You have the ability to create a world of your own and make a mark of yourself.


for Leos Death

Hi, Leos!!!Your dilemmas and confusion which have been part of in your routine life will come to an end now. Finally there will be hold on the situation. You find yourself on the right track, and things are turning towards positivity. Your decision to make fresh deal in business will prove fruitful and association with new dealer will be gainful.


for Virgo Ace Of Swords

Some conflicts and heated arguments are indicated if you are not balanced. Anger, aggression and hyper actions could spoil your works. You have tremendous energy and mental power; utilize it in creative pursuits instead. Make sure that you could bring remarkable changes in professional and personal life by correcting yourself in certain matters.


for Libra 5 Pentacles

Hi, Libras!!! Your money, power and prestige all are at stake better you stay grounded. A small mistake could make you guilty. Be cautious of your and parent’s health. You would have to borrow some money from your friend in emergency, but you may be denied. Lose of money, relationship, or financial crisis is on the card. Learn short cut to success is hardly fructified.


for Scorpio 9 Swords

Fear, doubts and apprehensions could make you directionless. You feel lethargic, inactive and fail to go ahead in this circumstance. This is the time to refresh, and seek an advice with the expertise. You have fear which is baseless, once you come out of this self created dilemma, the life seems to be exciting and goals are attainable. Be positive, life shines bright.


for Sagittarius The Star

Your endeavors will come to fruition with your perseverance and conviction. You have satisfaction of getting the things done. Stars are favorable, you feel happy in relationships. Those who are looking for love/ job this is the right day when your wish gets accomplished. You find balance between heart and mind, and this works amazingly well in sorting out all your matters personal or professional today.


for Capricorn The Devil

Some negative thoughts are biting in your mind today. You find it difficult to be in control of your untamed desires and passions. Planned diet, regular exercises and positive thoughts are necessary rest is fake and harmful for you. Alcohol, intoxication, aversion could do nothing except putting you in embarrassing situation. Don’t try to earn money through unfair means today.


for Aquarius 3 Swords

You feel hurt, desperate and lonely. There may be end of relationship or your spouse, or the person you love would just forget commitment you made with each other. The energy of the day goes against you. Health issues should be looked after without delay. High BP, heart diseases or serious ailment could lead to surgery. Prevention is better than cure. Stay alert and positive.


for Pisces 10 Cups

Your happy and cheerful mindset will be reflected in your personality. You shine bright today. Emotional contentment through healthy relationship is indicated. Love affection of near and dear ones, their concern is your bigger strength. Those who are looking for love get the right person in life. The existing relations will be more mature and intense. There may be good news on professional front too.


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