Daily Tarotscopes – November 14, 2023

Daily Tarotscopes – November 14, 2023

Check your daily tarotscope to figure out what is anticipated for you involving soothsaying and numerology for Tuesday, November 14, 2023 by zodiac sign.


Tarot card: Five of Cups

How were you to know that someone close to you could disappoint you so deeply? Hurt feels are more impactful to your spirit when you stuff them or pretend that they don’t exist. They always find a way back to the surface at night or when you least expect them to. One thing you can control is your own reaction to the events that took place. You can use this moment as a springboard toward healing and strengthening of your character.


Tarot card: Seven of Swords, reversed

You can act the part, but if you struggle with imposter syndrome, you’ll sabotage your greatest achievements just before they are done. It’s best to recognize the elephant in the middle of the room. You’re still uncomfortable with the blessings that come from hard work and effort. Behind all of this is a fear of some sort. Perhaps you’re afraid people won’t like the real you. The truth is not only will people like you, but when they see your good side and your flaws, they will love you for being authentic.


Tarot card: Five of Swords

Who are you trying to be? You may have an image of someone in your mind you hope to become one day. But are you comparing yourself to others? You don’t have to impress the world. The only thing you’re here to become is the best you that you can be, and use your talents to serve others.


Tarot card: Eight of Wands, reversed

Life happens, and part of the cycle of life is change. You might not like the fact that change is unpredictable. Today something could take place that you did not see coming. It’s hard to accept that you don’t have control over everything. But don’t view the world as unsafe when life gives you reasons to become flexible and to adapt to the circumstances at hand.


Tarot card: Five of Pentacles

Endings can be so scary. When you lose a relationship, so many other areas of your life change along with it. Your financial situation is impacted. Your friendships start to divide and pick sides. You can’t imagine the future without your partner. It’s not an easy time. This is hard, but you will overcome the challenges.


Tarot card: The Moon

Who can you trust? The feeling that someone is lying to you is an awful experience. You might not understand why a person would try to betray you. However, here you are, going through the motions, pretending not to have this sinking feeling in your stomach. It’s time to confront the problem and ask what is going on. If they are honest, you’ll know.


Tarot card: Ace of Swords

Don’t sweat the small stuff, Libra. You may not know where things are headed today, but with some wisdom, you will figure things out. Mental clarity comes when you relax and allow your mind a chance to process the feelings you feel and the situation you’re in. Give yourself some time and try not to become impatient.


Tarot card: The Hermit

When someone decides to go dark on social media, try not to worry too much. Their decision to unplug may not have anything to do with you. You may simply be reading into their decision to become radio silent suddenly. Once they have figured out all that they need to work on, you’ll hear from them. Friends never disappear for long; they come back.


Tarot card: The Magician

Not every person who has talent will use it. Some squander their talents out of fear. They don’t want to risk things because then they feel unsafe. If you see someone not using their talents as you think they should, give more input. Sometimes, they need to borrow another person’s confidence.


Tarot card: The High Priestess, reversed

Problems in a romantic relationship can start and end with communication. It will take a lot more work and effort on your part to make things work. It can feel unfair right now, but if you can maintain a vision for the future, you’ll see things in a new light.


Tarot card: Temperance

Stay in your center of peace. Don’t allow the storms of life to bring you sadness or feel harmed. You have hurt others, and they have hurt you too. There needs to be a time when forgiveness is the new mantra.


Tarot card: Ten of Cups

Love is here for you, Pisces. It’s so hard to find a person who can touch your heart and stimulate your mind. This relationship is just getting started for you, and with time, it will continue to grow into something magnificent and magical.


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