Daily Tarotscopes – October 21, 2023

Daily Tarotscopes – October 21, 2023

Check your daily tarotscope to figure out what is anticipated for you involving soothsaying and numerology for Saturday, October 21, 2023 by zodiac sign.


for Aries Strength

Hi, Aries!!!Your strength is commendable today. It is not only physical strength, mental, emotional and spiritual levels are heightened too. Being a hard working you know how to cope with stress and work pressure. You can pursue your personal plans while still keeping your friends and family happy. This is a time to work hard.


for Taurus Knight of Wands

At the work front things are likely to be fast –paced. You can maintain the speed. Some quick decisions might have to be taken in order to run the things. You would like to change residence or décor of the residence/office. Shifting change of place could make you busy. If there is career opportunity and you would like to take advantage go for it now. Be prepared for a travel.


for Gemini Queen of Cups

You feel very emotional and possessive of your things today. You support your partner with heart and soul. You are nurturing, caring and perfect home maker today, whether male or female your interest in making home comfortable is on the card. Presenting a gift or fulfilling a cherished dream of your spouse is on the card. Enjoy some light romantic moments.


for Cancer The Devil

Try and maintain cheerful frame of mind to perform better. You find it difficult to be in control of your untamed desires and passions. Planned diet, regular exercises and positive thoughts are necessary. Being impulsive can hurt. Prevention is always better than cure. If you can manage to hold on to your nerves you can put off the most difficult times. Don’t try to earn money through unfair means today.


for Leo Page of Pentacles

You may find a new job if you have plan of switching over today. Your financial affairs will attain completion today. Loan, installments, insurance and property investment etc issues which have been taking a toll on you since long finally get resolved. Promotion or hike in salary is other possibility. You are inspired by great personalities around you.


for Virgo King of Swords

You find yourself in position of power today but don’t let it go out of your head. If you are too domineering, you could turn important people against you. Stay grounded and enjoy the energy of the day. You have the potential to turn the impossible into possible. Work with team and for the broad vision. The power of your words is stronger than action.


for Libra Queen of Swords

Your superiors will guide and motivate you. Your vision of things will be elevated and you’ll manage your finances admirably. Being stubborn and head strong you actually work to your advantage. Sometimes it is necessary. An event may occur that gives your career a much needed boost or professional interests. You derive more pleasure while doing it.


for Scorpio 3 Cups

There will be celebration and get together. You have attained success it may be small or big and you are in mood of celebration. Friends are important, you like loving friends who will put their arms around you. Life seems to be sweet and you want to have blast. You deserve to have fun now and then. You are beginning to take up greater responsibilities at work.


for Sagittarius Judgement

Someone’s health in the family needs immediate attention or you yourself may seek medical treatment. A serious atmosphere at home can create a pensive mood. Instead divert your attention through art, music and entertainment, a party or socializing with people will be more apt for you. Your views and thoughts are being appreciated by some person. It could be a challenging day for lawyers, and judges.


for Capricorn 10 of Swords

Finances need better attention and management. If you have to make some bold moves just sit and analyze the situation yourself first and then do what needs to be done. Some people may not agree with your ideas and opinions. You may face opposition at work place. All you need is patience and a cool temperament to stay afloat.


for Aquarius 7 Cups

Lust, passion and addictions are all negative forces that make life meaningless. The day is marked when you could be enticed by all these temptations. Discipline your life as you can. A little discipline in life will take you a long way. Your love life is keeping you on toes it is even stopping you from focusing on work. Students should not waste their time in wandering aimlessly.


for Pisces 9 Cups

You will enjoy light moments with loved ones. Emotional contentment through healthy relationship is indicated. Your happy and cheerful mindset will be reflected in your personality. Love affection of near and dear ones, their concern is your bigger strength. Those who are looking for love get the right person in life. The existing relations will be more mature and intense. There may be good news on professional front too.


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