Daily Tarotscopes – October 23, 2023

Daily Tarotscopes – October 23, 2023

Check your daily tarotscope to figure out what is anticipated for you involving soothsaying and numerology for Monday, October 23, 2023 by zodiac sign.


for Aries 6 Swords

Hi, Aries!! You could feel listless and remorse today. Working conditions may be demanding and frustrating in your job. If you want switch over job, it is very likely that you find a job for yourself now. You may also be required to make a longer-term move from one location to another, probably due to transfer where you will leave behind friends and family.


for Taurus The Hierophant

You work in team and group, your individual efforts may not be so rewarding. This is certainly not a time to challenge the status quo! Instead of being innovative, you will need to adapt to the existing set of beliefs and systems that are already in place. You have to follow due process and to stay within the conventional bounds of what is typically an orthodox approach. That will be in your favor.


for Gemini Ace of Wands

A new spark of creativity and innovative spirit will motivate you to do something different from others. You would be able to create a niche for yourself. An outstanding performance and your dedication would bring promotion for you. You feel elated and flabbergasted. The news of conception or child birth in the family is on the card.


for Cancer Knight of Pentacles

Hi, Crabs!!!You focus more on money today. All financial matters should be attended well. If you owe some money, or thing which you have credited, now is the time to return. If you have given money, it comes back to you. In relationship you need to be more giving than taking. If financial help is needed extend your helping hand. Raise or appraisal in your salary could bring rewards and recognitions for you.


for Leo Knight of Swords

You can come across to some analytical mind now. As you yourself are highly competitive and professional at this time make sure you are not heading into silly debates. You tend to put yourself in heated argument. Use your creative energy in productive works. You have the potential to crack the most difficult competitive exam, and face the interview with confidence if you have applied for the job.


for Virgo 3 Pentacles

The creative potential is best. Money incoming is good today. Those who are working as bank employees would be benefitted. There may be extension in the family, or guest may arrive which may increase your workload. Time and money management is essential. Make sure you are making right investment of your time and energy for more productivity in work.


for Libra Page of Cups

The beginning of a creative project or venture is on the card. There is a creative energy trying to burst forth into your consciousness. Explore this newfound creativity through art, drama, dance, etc. You spend time in indulging your hobbies and hone your skills and enjoy lighter, youthful, free, creative, intuitive and inspired activities. Your acting talent may get appreciation today.


for Scorpio Knight of Cups

Today you may get a positive message or news from loved ones. You may hear about the birth of a child, an engagement or marriage, pregnancy, a new relationship, travel plans, etc. This positive message is unexpected but welcomed, and you are likely to respond to the news or message in an emotional manner. A travel is indicated, most likely to meet your loved ones and not the professional one.


for Sagittarius Queen of Wands

This is the time when you feel at your best, physically, mentally and emotionally. Health, vitality and inner vibrancy fill you with ongoing energy and inspiration. An enhanced status, promotion or designation is on the card. You can take important decision related to career or relationship, as you are very sound and grounded.


for Capricorn 2 Wands

You feel very strong and innovative today. Good message or news from distant land is on the card. Your organized and coordinating approach with the people is fantastic. You will not leave the project until the end. An opportunity will arrive today, that could be the foundation of a very successful future. In partnership business, there could be meaningful discussion and promises to be made.


for Aquarius The Page of Swords

You should give your partner time and space, instead of expecting too much from his or her side. Learn to rely in relationships. Your arrogance and suspicious attitude could bring conflict in existing relationships. Today is not the day to look for job or partner in life. Clearing your own space is an excellent way to prepare yourself for the big changes headed your way.


for Pisces Queen of Cups

Love is in the air!!! Pisces people feel blessed and happy. Relationship is your major concern today; you work with heart than mind. You are nurturing and take good care of your loved ones, Soul mate connection or very intimate and close relationship is indicated. Those who are looking for love wish will be fulfilled. Pisces ladies should be careful about their health. Hormonal and menopause problem could trouble them.


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