Everyone Sins. Which Sin Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Everyone Sins. Which Sin Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Sin is very easy to commit to, especially since it’s almost everywhere you look. There is hardly anyone out in this world who hasn’t sinned before, and there is a pretty good reason why. Our Zodiac signs play a key role in our lives when it comes to indulging in being a little bit sinful, or extremely sinful, depending on who you are. Sometimes our Zodiac signs induce sin into our everyday lives, making it a habit that we are not so easily able to break away from. It’s important that we are able to identify these certain kinds of elements within ourselves, especially when it comes to being sinful.

Along with your Zodiac sign, the numerology of your birth date, despite whatever month you were born, can reveal detailed information about your personality. It’s pretty crazy how accurate it works!

Sure, sinning can be a lot of fun, but there is also such a thing as moderation. So, how are you going to tame the sin that your Zodiac likes to follow most?

Aries + Murder

Aries can be extremely rage-filled and unpredictable. If you face the wrath of an Aries, you may not survive. Not only can an Aries by extremely intense, but they are also unbelievably spontaneous. They’re so spontaneous that it almost always leads to trouble. Aries have to be careful, if they let their rage get the best of them, they might just end up harming someone!

Taurus + Gluttony

A Taurus could also be claimed as a certain kind of narcissist. They only like to do things that are going to benefit them in the long run. Whether it’s good food, sex, or an expensive new toy, a Taurus runs rampant with their unhealthy acts of gluttony. Most of the time you prefer that all of these things happen simultaneously, just to get the full effect of being a true glutton of this world. Do you want to unlock the romantic secrets of your past, present and future? You won’t believe what this incredible Tarot Reading can reveal about your love life.

Gemini + Dishonesty

Gemini have a horrible habit of mixing up their stories whenever it comes to telling the whole truth about something. Maybe it’s because your zodiac depicts you having two different faces, and perhaps they just happen to have different views about the same story. Either way, you love to lie about petty things, as well as important things, especially if it doesn’t involve you the way you want it too. So, what better way to sabotage everything? Lie about it.

Cancer + Worship

As a Cancer, you feel as if the person you love or whomever you are enamored with at the time is above everything else you’ve ever known. You are constantly waiting on them hand and feet, making sure they have everything that they need as well as staying by their side through any kind of adversity. You’re thinking that this isn’t that sinful. But think about it; you no longer think for yourself. You would rather give your life away to someone else. Someone who could crush it all at once without a second thought in their head. Be careful who you worship.

Leo + Pride

Borderline to a narcissist, a Leo can prove to be one of the most selfish people when it comes to personal relationships. You’re a natural at everything you do and you know how to impress others with just the wink an eye. Arrogant and extremely full of yourself, there are times when even the people you hold close want nothing to do with you. I mean, who would want to help someone who’s only looking for the reflection of themselves in the other person’s eyes?

Virgo + Envy

Virgo’s are extremely unstable whenever they decide that they want the next best thing, or just how to get that next best thing. They want to be what everyone talks about, especially when it comes to attracting a potential lover. If you have your eyes on someone already who is not interested, then you tend to lurk around the corners wherever they are; thinking long and hard about how jealous you are that this person has something that you want. You are not a natural lover.

Libra + Vanity

Libras hardly care for anything else but their own beauty. Just as long as they are able to look in the mirror and see their beautiful faces, then they have all they need to continue on in life. Even though a Libra may spend hours on end in front of their mirror, they still like to try and work on their inner beauty. After all, being beautiful inside and out is one of the keys to success right?

Scorpio + Lust

Scorpios relate to lust a lot more than any other sin. This is because they have a passion for being extremely intimate with others. Always leading people on with your words, making sure they hear everything you have to say, you love to be in lust with people. However, you can never find love in anyone, it is just too hard not be as lustful as you are. A majority of the time, you have troubles with close people leaving you for not wanting to commit.

Sagittarius + Adultery

Sagittarius are often prone to being some of the most devious flirts. Sex is a lot of fun for a Sagittarius, but this means that it can be very hard for them to keep a committed relationship going for long. Even while they are with someone they love, they let their eyes wander from the potential heat they could get themselves into. It’s hard not to be a tease; but it’s also hard not to find a good lay. Forever wandering from person to person.

Capricorn + Greed

Capricorns have a hard time leaving their offices, and there is a pretty good reason for that. You’re a competitor and you are going to do everything in your power to make sure that you are the one who’s making the most money out of everyone else in the workplace. You don’t even want to spend it, you just want to flaunt all of your success whenever you get the chance to claim your victories. Greed corrupts you into doing things that you never thought possible.

Aquarius + Self-Proclaimed God

Aquarius like to believe that they are way more special than everyone else is because this is just how god made them out to be. Always boasting about how you have way more wisdom in your little pinky finger than anyone else does in their entire body. Giving those around you new perspectives and insights makes you feel something deep inside. However, a majority of the time you couldn’t be farther from the truth than you already are.

Pisces + Sloth

A Pisces can appear to be a person who loves to hold their head in the clouds a little too much. Sometimes they can even seem like they are only existing in their own little world compared to the rest of us. Always daydreaming the time away, thinking of what could be or what is yet to be, you let people pass you by as you continue to move at the same slow pace you always have. This makes you extremely lazy when it comes to living in the present moment.


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