Full Moon In Cancer December 22 ’18

Full Moon In Cancer December 22 ’18

We’ve nursed our intentions long enough: At the full moon in Cancer, they’re ready to be born.

True, whatever we began two weeks ago at the new moon is likely still a work in progress. But by now, it’s taken on a life of its own—and grown way too big to keep under wraps.

It’s a vulnerable feeling, for sure: sadness at letting go, mixed with the desire to shield your “child” (and yourself) from criticism, embarrassment, or harm. Add this to the emotional release that comes with any full moon, and it’s clear that this one—in the sign of the moon’s rulership—really packs a punch.

And with sensitivities running so high, it’s only natural that we might get a little defensive. Passive-aggressiveness and mood swings are other tendencies to watch out for.

But don’t worry—there are plenty of healthier ways to self-soothe. Enjoy a heart-to-heart talk, or a good cry. Indulge in some comfort food, or spend a cozy evening at home. Whatever you do at this full moon, be gentle with yourself… and with everyone else in your life.

After all, at this full moon, we’re all looking for a safe space. Fortunately, the sun in Capricorn (which opposes this full moon) provides us with a supportive structure or container in which to process all the feels.

That doesn’t mean regressing back to infancy, though. The Cancer/Capricorn axis is all about being your own parent… the nurturer and the disciplinarian. That means knowing when to be responsive (to your changing emotions and moods) and when to be responsible (doing the right thing, whether you feel like it or not).

Still, more than any other sign, Cancer can bring up a lot of nostalgia for childhood and family. So whoever or wherever feels like home to you, that’s where you’ll want to be at this full moon!


CANCER: For better or worse, Cancer, this full moon hits you right in the feels. And regardless of what anyone else might think, the emotions you’re experiencing are a totally valid response to what’s going on. Still, you’ll want to keep a stiff upper lip—at least until you’re sure you’re in a safe space. Lean on a loved one for structure and support.

LEO: The pressure’s on, Leo… and as usual, you’ve risen to the occasion! But as much as we admire your diligence, we can’t help but wonder if you’re working too hard. After all, what more do you really have to prove? At this full moon, you can probably afford to cut yourself some slack—think of it as “working smarter, not harder.”

VIRGO: Time is money, Virgo… and you don’t want to waste one minute of it! But scheduling something for every second of spare time doesn’t leave you much room to relax. And at this full moon, you may be in the mood for something completely different. Feel free to change your plans—chances are, they’re not really set in stone.

LIBRA: Don’t let social media fool you, Libra: There’s no such thing as a “perfect” family. In fact, the more concerned you are with making your home life look good to outsiders, the harder it is to appreciate the reality in all its messy, complicated glory. This full moon challenges you to take the filter off and get real.

SCORPIO: If you don’t stand for something, Scorpio, you’ll fall for anything. But no matter how solid your foundations are, you’re bound to slip up once in a while. A little “tough love” can go a long way toward getting you back on track—but the key word here is “love.” This full moon invites you to take it easy on yourself.

SAGITTARIUS: We all have needs, Sagittarius… some of us are just a lot more comfortable admitting it. And we get it—with your free-spirited image to uphold, neediness is not a good look. But if someone’s offering their support at this full moon, don’t be afraid to accept. After all, sometimes it just feels good to be taken care of!

CAPRICORN: Emotions aren’t always convenient, Capricorn, but they’re a fact of life. And whether or not you feel the need to express yours at this full moon, it’s likely someone close to you is eager for a heart-to-heart. Don’t freeze them out; hear them out. Who knows? It might help you get in touch with your own sensitive side (we know you have one)!

AQUARIUS: It’s not that you don’t care, Aquarius—it’s just that sometimes, you have an odd way of showing it. True, your matter-of-fact approach makes you great at solving logistical problems or meeting practical needs. But sometimes the emotional ones are even more important. If you really want to help someone out at this full moon, try a little of that human touch.

PISCES: Some people thrive on structure, Pisces—and believe it or not, you’re one of them! After all, a dreamer like you needs more “down time” than any other sign… and that means setting boundaries. With so many friends eager to spend time with you at this full moon, make sure to save some for the imaginary ones.

ARIES: It’s lonely at the top, Aries—unless, that is, you’ve got a good support system. Nurturing strong family ties gives you both a launching pad for success and a safe place to land. Still, work/life balance can be hard to come by… especially at this full moon. If you drop the ball, just take a deep breath and remind yourself you’re doing your best.

TAURUS: There’s nothing wrong with being pragmatic, Taurus. But if you’re looking at other people as a means to an end, you’re missing the bigger picture. Most likely, the people around you have their own agenda and unique take on things. Fortunately, this compassionate, emotionally literate full moon helps you understand their side of the story.

GEMINI: Relationships keep you honest, Gemini. But as helpful as it can be to have someone else holding you accountable, no one knows you better than you know yourself. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide which impulses to check and which to indulge. This full moon is all about balancing “tough love” with “self-love.”


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