Full Moon in Taurus Horoscopes – November 2019

Full Moon in Taurus Horoscopes – November 2019

At 5:34 p.m. on November 12, the full moon will be in Taurus (19°52’).

“The only constant is change.” Let’s make this our mantra as the full moon rises in the most consistency-loving, change-resisting Taurus. With the moon in this fixed earth sign, we look to what’s comfortable and familiar to give us a sense of emotional security. But the sun in the opposite sign of Scorpio draws us back to the realization that nothing is permanent… except for the life, death, and rebirth cycles constantly playing out in the natural world and in our lives.

This doesn’t mean we’ve got nothing to depend on; just that we’re better off recognizing what’s truly dependable—what is of enduring value to us, and what isn’t—so we can base our peace of mind on the right things.


Fortunately, this full moon’s conjunction with asteroid goddess Vesta highlights what can support us in staying grounded, centered, and present. By devoting ourselves to these things in a more consistent and intentional way, we make ourselves more capable of approaching change with calm acceptance instead of anxiety.

Still, it’s only natural to feel some sadness for what we’re leaving behind. A conjunction between the sun and retrograde Mercury evokes nostalgia for the past… or even for a present situation which seems to be shapeshifting into something unfamiliar before our very eyes. Give yourself time to look back and reflect—that’s what full moons are for! Just know that as much as we may want to make the moment last, eventually we will have to let it go.

Read on for your sun and rising signs to learn more about the energies of this full moon:


Aries, you know what you want… and also how to get it. But right now, the ends may not be justifying the means. This full moon makes it a lot less comfortable—and less sustainable—to continue benefitting from any imbalanced power dynamics or unequal arrangements.

Your love was built to last, Taurus—but it was never meant to stay the same. Whether romantic partners or lifelong friends, a key relationship is going through some serious growing pains right now. But considering how much you’ve been changing, that should come as no surprise.

Old habits die hard, Gemini. But lately, you’re finding it harder to justify the place one of your most persistent habits occupies in your life. Whether it’s become unhealthy, unsustainable, or plain old boring, it’s time to trade it in for something more compatible with life as it is now.

You know what you like, Cancer—at least, you think you do. But is it really what you enjoy now, or just what you’ve enjoyed in the past? The only way to be sure is by giving yourself permission to try something different… and maybe end up liking it better.

“Remember who you are”—Leo, how could you forget? Honoring your roots is a huge part of who you are and everything you do. Still, if attachment to some aspect of your cultural heritage has kept you from coming fully into your own, it may be time to loosen those ties.

It’s an obsession! Virgo, we understand how easy it is to get stuck in repetitive thought patterns. But this full moon invites you to put your mental energy to much better use. Learn new things, think new thoughts, and ask new questions to keep your mind vital and sharp.

Good relationships are priceless, Libra. But no matter how much value it adds to your life, no one relationship can be expected to meet all of your needs—and even if it could, would you really want it to? Sometimes it’s more satisfying to realize you’re capable of meeting your own.

Love changes us, Scorpio—ideally, for the better. And sometimes, we’re asked to actively participate in that process by leaving behind the parts of ourselves better left to the past. What are you ready to leave behind, so you can be more fully present with the people you love now?

Stop holding out on us, Sag! We know that on your life’s journey, you’ve discovered lots of buried treasures—and until now, you’ve largely kept them to yourself. But this full moon makes it clear: They’re meant to be shared… and to play a bigger part in your day-to-day life.

You’re on a mission, Capricorn—the same one you’ve been on for as long as you can remember. No one’s questioning your commitment, but it may be worth questioning its cost: Has your unwavering dedication to that one goal deprived you of the chance to reinvent yourself?

AQUARIUS: Aquarius, you’re in demand! But as validating this well-earned recognition feels, it’s equally valid to feel ambivalent about the increased demands on your time. What would you need to feel more grounded, centered, and supported in restoring the balance between your public and private lives?

PISCES: Beliefs that once gave life meaning may not mean the same to you now, Pisces. But they can still exert a powerful influence in shaping your reality. This full moon supports you in discarding old beliefs and attitudes that are clouding your vision, and helps you see things as they are now.


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