Gemini December 2017 Horoscope

Gemini December 2017 Horoscope

This month holds a vital development for you in a partnership, either business or personal. On December 10 the Sun will link up closely to Saturn, the planet of responsibility and structure, in your 7th House of Relationships. Saturn, in this part of your chart, has been teaching you significant lessons about relationships. If you have been in an unhappy union with someone, this transit has been testing you and your partner relentlessly in order for you to discover whether or not the relationship is worth working for.

Watch this month’s Gemini horoscope now:
This month, when the Sun and Saturn meet up, it’s as if you are being given a progress report from your boss — but in relationship matters. A light will shine both on how far the two of you have come, but also on how far you have yet to go.

Another possibility is that you are ready to make a serious commitment with a partner. This can be marriage, but it might also be about a business relationship. Know that any alliance forged under this Sun-Saturn influence will likely last for quite some time. Be sure you’re ready for the long haul.
A Full Moon in your sign on December 12 will also have you quite emotionally aware this month. You appear ready to shed what is no longer serving you so that you might embrace what you know feels right instead. This can be about a life goal, but it may also connect to a relationship matter.


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