Gemini February 2018 Love Horoscope

Gemini February 2018 Love Horoscope

Mars, the planet of passion and action, travels in the relationship arena of your chart. Invest your resources in what you truly believe in.

While there may be disagreements and arguments in your most intimate relationships, especially where you or those closest to you are not being responsible for their lives, there is also the opportunity for greater honesty and intimacy if you’re willing to be honest and call it as you see it. If you’ve been wanting to clear the air, this is the time.

And with the Virgo Full Moon on the 23rd in your house of home and family, you’ll have greater clarity and awareness about what it takes to make you feel safe and secure as you renew contact with family you may have been estranged from. Be open to their love and support, especially when it’s unexpected.


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