Here is How Each Zodiac Sign Responds to Being Stressed Out

Here is How Each Zodiac Sign Responds to Being Stressed Out


They get impatient. Their stress immediately gets processed as nervous, twitchy, sweaty nail biting, as Aries can rarely deal well with having to wait. With Mars as their ruling planet, Aries is prone to reacting explosively in high-stress situations.If an Aries struggles to find a solution, it often results in a short temper and built-up tension. This sign will do anything to prevent that from happening. A crisis, others in your orbit will follow.


It takes a lot for a mild-mannered Taurus to get stressed out. Most of the time, they have no energy for stress in their lives, even rejecting it outright and finding the next project to distract them with. This zodiac sign truly does appreciate their chill habits, so when their routine is shaken, they are able to combat that stress with some self-care.


Geminis are pleasant, gregarious individuals. They also enjoy learning and interacting with others, which can lead to information overload or overwhelm in a Gemini.The best way to revert back to the Geminis’ bubbly self? Some nostalgia. Nothing is better for a Gemini than to soothe their overactive thoughts by going back to one of their favorite pieces of entertainment, whether that be a cozy book or an action-packed cartoon from the 90s.


Cancers are natural nurturers. They are also the most sensitive signs, which is not the best for their stress levels. Any stress you experience weighs heavily on your psyche, and sometimes finding the energy to fight it can seem impossible. A Cancer will feel the most loved when they are making memories with family or close friends, so they use their energy to assist them in remaining calm.


Tough on the exterior, a Leo knows how to put up their walls in times of crisis. Whenever they notice something in their life crashing down, they’ll do anything in their power to overcompensate for their failure. You may even find that you sort of enjoy the challenge of being stressed because that means you have an opportunity to impress others with your strength to keep moving on. When a Leo starts feeling the heat, they’ll use that as an excuse to let loose and use their social nature to their advantage by partying or taking a vacation.


You’re a perfectionist, and when things start to crumble in your life, let’s be honest, so do you. When you’re trying to show the world that you’re so put together, any minor inconvenience can throw you off track. Being a fixer is in their blood, so when it comes down to being stressed, they do what Virgos do best, by rolling up their sleeves and tackling the problem head on. Accepting their issues will be the only way they can feel at ease.


When you’re living your life being the peacekeeper, it’s natural for a Libra to cower in times of stress. Most of the time, their stress comes from being a yes-man and sticking to their people-pleaser nature. Libras tend to live harmoniously throughout their lives, so anyone who throws that off should be prepared for them to back down. To combat the emotional burnout, Libras will use self-care to make sure they’re also seeking peace in their lives as well.


Scorpio, you’re a complete enigma to most people. Being hard to read and having your emotions chained up deep are never good for anyone’s psyche. Scorpios tend to be most stressed out when they shut themselves out. We know it’s because deep down, you’re a loving person with a heart of gold, but you can’t shut yourself out to prevent your sparkle from shining. Scorpios should connect back to their emotions to be able to find their balance during stressful situations, by journaling or listening to music to help them think these situations through clearly.


When it comes down to it, a Sagittarius is able to take life day by day. They don’t necessarily have the time or energy to deal with stress because there is so much more to explore in life. They soar above all, being able to read the finer print clearer than most other zodiac signs, and this helps them focus their perception of the problem at hand easily. When they are facing stress, they do what Sagittarius’ do best-and go on a mini-vacation.


Capricorn, being stressed out isn’t anything out of the ordinary for you. You’re a hard-working, fiercely independent person who has goals in life that you don’t want to let slip by. Sometimes a Capricorn needs to settle for less to make their stress disappear. Burnout is prevalent in this zodiac sign, and the best way a Capricorn could combat that is to take a step back from their goals and take a breather. Walking on the beach, going on a hike, and connecting with nature are essential to a Capricorn’s healing process. Being able to recharge is essential for everyone, but Capricorns will take this time to shift their energy into something meaningful and manageable.


You’re an intellectual, Aquarius. Your friends and family see you as someone who truly doesn’t have the time or day to deal with stress, because you have bigger priorities to worry about. Any situation where you’re not able to control the narrative triggers your stress. When you have such an overactive mind, it’s normal to quickly overanalyze these problems. One way an Aquarius can bring themselves back down to earth is by distracting themselves with a challenge—like yoga, puzzles, or a cooking class.


You’re sensitive, so feeling anxious is all part of your nature. During stressful situations, this is your superpower. Pisces take pride in being there for their loved ones, but sometimes that can cause unnecessary pressure in their lives. Being too involved in these situations can cause a Pisces to break down and leave the uncomfortable situation feeling guilty. A Pisces needs their energy to recharge in order to hold healthy boundaries in their lives, so stepping back and disconnecting from their life-saving capabilities will benefit them greatly.


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