Horoscopes For The January 2020 New Moon in Aquarius

Horoscopes For The January 2020 New Moon in Aquarius

At 4:42 p.m. on January 24, 2020, January’s new moon will be in Aquarius.

New moons are times when we often wish for change. But at this new moon, it’s time to be the change! No matter who we are, we can probably agree there are some problems with our personal and collective realities. But we created those realities together—so it’s up to us to create the solutions, too.

With Uranus as its ruling planet, Aquarius is all about disrupting—and ideally improving upon—the status quo. But with Uranus in Taurus and squaring this new moon, right now those efforts are likely to be met with resistance, both from within and without. This helps keep our more reckless impulses in check, so we’re agents of positive change and not pure chaos. But it can also be a convenient excuse to avoid moving forward.


This new moon’s sextile with Chiron in Aries encourages us to push past fears and insecurities, step up, and stand up for the future we want. Of course, this doesn’t mean we should actively put ourselves in harm’s way. But there’s a big difference between “unsafe” and merely “uncomfortable”—and only one of them is a valid reason for not showing up.

Universal, humanitarian values mean the world to Aquarius. And with Venus and Neptune approaching their conjunction in Pisces (January 27), what unites us is infinitely more important and powerful than what divides us. Our senses of empathy and compassion are heightened in an almost mystical way—but simply sensing that we’re all one won’t be enough to change the world.

Read on for your sun sign and rising to learn more about what this new moon means for you.


ARIES: Newer isn’t always better, Aries. And if you’ve got a good thing going, why risk it unless success is guaranteed? Still, if an intriguing opportunity is presenting itself, the least you can do is find out more—and listen to what your heart and intuition have to say.

TAURUS: What’s your claim to fame, Taurus? With the pace at which you’ve been evolving, your established reputation bears less and less resemblance to the authentic you. It may feel too risky to show your true colors, but the pressure to keep up appearances won’t be sustainable for very much longer.

GEMINI: Beginning to see the light, Gemini? A new concept or philosophy you’ve recently discovered could help you tie up intellectual loose ends and finally understand how they all fit together. Just remember: Anything that promises to give you all the answers should be taken with a healthy grain of salt.

CANCER: You’ve been taken for granted long enough, Cancer: If the power dynamics in a close relationship have gotten off-balance, it’s time to recognize and call it out. Still, if you want things to be different going forward, it’s just as important to recognize your own part in creating the situation.

LEO: Happy relationships aren’t all alike, Leo. It’s about finding what works best for the unique individuals involved, and honoring that—even when people on the outside don’t get it. As long as you and your partner, friend, or relative are on the same page, who cares what anyone else thinks?

VIRGO: Teamwork makes the dream work, Virgo! But it works best when everyone on the team is contributing equally. Having the highest standards or the sharpest skills doesn’t mean your coworkers have nothing to offer. Let them share the load—if for no other reason than it gives you a break.

LIBRA: The more the merrier—for you, Libra, everything’s more fun with friends. Still, it gets frustrating when you’re eager to try out a new activity or place and can’t find anyone else to come along. But who says you have to let that stop you from having a good time?

SCORPIO: Your home is a reflection of who you are and what you value in life. But ideally, Scorpio, it should also be a welcoming place, where other people can feel comfortable enough to be their own authentic selves. (That’s especially true if they’re sharing a living space with you!)

SAGITTARIUS: Old habits die hard, Sag—especially habits of mind. But unpredictable events shaking up your daily routine are making you more aware of the ways in which your own thinking has become too rigid or comfortable in its assumptions. It’s time to embrace a fresh new perspective!

CAPRICORN: The landscape is changing, Capricorn—and some of the old ideas about safety, stability, and security may no longer apply. For someone like you who values order, this can be an unsettling time. But it’s also an opportunity to experiment and redefine what success and prosperity look like for you.

AQUARIUS: There’s a new you emerging, Aquarius. And while it may not be how you’re used to seeing yourself, you can trust that it’s the natural and logical “next step,” both for your personal evolution and the greater good. Keep following your instincts and inspiration as you navigate the shifting emotional landscape.

PISCES: Loving others is easy, Pisces… but having compassion for yourself can be a lot more challenging. Cultivating self-love is an “inside job” that requires you to draw from your deepest wells of patience, devotion, and creativity. A good support system helps, too—fortunately, there’s one that already has your back.


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