Libra – 2022 June Monthly Love Horoscope

As a new month begins, your lovely leader Venus is traveling with trustworthy Taurus, grounding you and putting out reliable vibes on your behalf. If you’re trying to attract someone, your stability and intelligence (and yup, maybe your big bank account) are the best traits to show off. If you’re already coupled up, your faithfulness is your biggest expression of love.

There’s an earthy Venus-Uranus meetup in stable Taurus on June 11, bringing some news or gossip about you that might be surprising to some but that you probably suspected would come out eventually. You’re good at defending yourself and/or your relationship, but the more you protest, the more people might believe it. Keep your explanations short and factual, Libra.

On the nineteenth, a dreamy Venus-Neptune sextile shows you what’s possible, and relying on your psychic abilities and intuition is an absolute must during this predictive cosmic occurrence. Trust yourself and your gut instincts 100 percent now.

And when your loving leader Venus leaves steady Taurus for curious Gemini on June 22, more things will be thrown up in the air than you’d like, but love becomes a casual adventure during this breezy transit. Loosen your grip on things and see what happens. One minute you have your feet firmly planted on the ground and the next you’re up in the air, flying high above the clouds.

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