Jupiter Retrograde in Taurus Horoscopes – September 4, 2023

Jupiter Retrograde in Taurus Horoscopes – September 4, 2023

In astrology, Jupiter is known as the great benefic. As the ruler of protection, abundance, and luck, Jupiter is arguably one of the most sought-after planets. Having the role of cosmic expander, Jupiter magnifies everything that it touches—whether positive or negative. And understanding how Jupiter retrograde 2023 affects each zodiac sign will clarify the mark it intends to leave on your spirit. After all, Jupiter is the planet centered on having faith and believing in something larger than yourself.

Jupiter stations retrograde in Taurus on September 4 and stations direct on December 30, 2023. Named after the king of the Gods, Jupiter’s influence is, indeed, godlike. It bestows knowledge, abundance, good fortune, joy, luck, and wisdom. Jupiter imbues virtues of kindness, compassion, generosity, temperance, perspective, and objectivity. However, when Jupiter is retrograde, its expansive energy is turned inward, encouraging reflection and inner growth. It’s a beautiful time to return to our studies, our practices, and the philosophies that pull us through hard times and motivate us to embrace the future.

When Jupiter stations retrograde in Taurus, it helps us adopt a more practical approach toward our goals. Its fixed nature can zero in on course-correcting what seems to be wrong, making sure we attain them. This is the beautiful side of Taurus’ stubborn nature—when the bull sets its mind on attaining something, it will do anything to make it happen. Most importantly, Taurus craves stability and access to resources, making this a beautiful time to establish financial and emotional self-reliance. Let this four-month-long experience show you how to provide, protect, and take care of yourself.

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