Leo 2019 Horoscope Overview

Leo 2019 Horoscope Overview

You’ll always be our shining star, Leo. But in 2019, you may want to spend some time out of the spotlight.

After all, with a total lunar eclipse in your sign at the start of the year (January 21), you’re releasing an old identity and setting the stage for a new one—and that’s definitely a behind-the-scenes process. You’ll need plenty of privacy to nurture the growth happening on a deep, subconscious level.

With the North Node in Cancer all year, self-care comes first. And that hits home for you when Mercury and Mars in Cancer oppose Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn (June 14-19). Listen to your body—it may be trying to tell you something. Give yourself plenty of down time, and do your best to establish routines that keep you grounded and centered.

Mercury spends the summer traveling between your twelfth (Cancer) and first (Leo) houses, bridging your inner “secret world” with your outer reality. Important messages are coming through, and you’ll have multiple chances to receive them—and more importantly, act on them. You’ll feel more like your usual, expressive self with Mercury in your sign (June 26-July 19 and August 11-29). But with the messenger planet retrograde from July 7-31, you may have to repeat yourself a few times to get your point across.

Later in the year, Mercury will spend two months in Scorpio (October 3-December 9, retrograde October 31-November 20). Your year-long journey of self-discovery leads to new insights about your childhood, family, or heritage… and your concepts of home and family could be transformed in the process. In a more literal sense, you may also be inspired to “transform” your home environment by renovating, redecorating, or clearing clutter.

If all this sounds a little intense, Leo, don’t worry—with Jupiter in Sagittarius, there are also plenty of good times in store! Just remember, moderation is the name of the game. Keep it at a nice slow burn, and your inner fire will sustain you through 2019 and beyond.


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