Leo August 2018 Horoscope

Leo August 2018 Horoscope

You’re at a remarkable crossroads in your life this month, Leo — but it might not feel that way as the month begins. Mercury will still be traveling retrograde in your sign until August 19, causing you to fumble with your words more than usual. Your thoughts might seem perfectly clear to you, but as soon as you try to convey them to others there is a problem. No one understands you — or so it appears. You might also be thinking a lot more about the past: past relationships, past career mistakes, past mistakes in general. This will be a good time to release yourself from any hold that your previous undoing might still have on you. The reality of life is that we all make mistakes. It’s how we grow. It’s what happens after these life stumbles, however, that define us at a core level. By choosing to learn from mistakes and move forward in a positive direction with better choices, you’re definitely turning a negative into a win.

There is likely to be some type of shedding of old skin followed by a shiny new coating of growth and potential in your world right around August 11. At this time a Solar Eclipse in Leo will open up incredible doors for you in terms of your personal development and relationship potential.

About relationships though … yes, right now they are not easy. Not only do you have Mercury retrograde in your sign, but Mars is currently traveling retrograde in your partnership sector. He’ll retrograde into your work sector on August 12 and will finally turn direct on the 27th. August requires you to revise your strategic approach and goals to at least one close personal relationship as well as your work life. After all of this retrograde redirection, however, you can be sure of one thing: whatever no longer fits on the trajectory of your life and relationship goals will fall by the wayside. It’s definitely a time of cleansing, releasing, and making room for what is meant to be in your world. What an eventful birthday month it will be!



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