Leo September 2018 Horoscope

Leo September 2018 Horoscope

Abundance is your new middle name, Leo. And guess what: it’s well deserved. This September, after a bear of a summer, you’re finally going to see things turn around. Your personal fresh start from that August 11 Solar Eclipse is in full bloom now, and with Mars and Mercury moving direct, you’re ready to make some serious magic happen in your life.

There is something you’ve been doing right in the work department, that’s for sure. On September 5 Mercury enters your 2nd House of Talents, Self-worth, and Money where he’ll stay through September 21. This is a time when you are mastering your financial plans and can easily execute them into success. A gorgeous New Moon in the same area of your chart on September 9 promises a healthy boost to your income. This might be due to you asking for a raise, but it can just as easily be your determination to cultivate and market one of your talents in an effort to create some cash on the side. If you’re in business for yourself, this will be a perfect time to launch a new product or service, or consider spending money on your business in the form of more efficient equipment, hiring staff, or advertisement. It takes money to make money, and this month you will know how to put that saying to work for you.

You might invest in a home office this month if you have the opportunity to work from home part or even full time. This will be a wise investment and you’ll find that it makes you more productive. Good times to move forward with this plan are September 11 and 12. If you’re in the midst of a real estate sale or have any family valuables to sell, you are likely to profit from them during this time as well.

In other news, your love life has been through the ringer this summer with Mars traveling retrograde for many weeks through your partnership sector. A lot of anger, conflict, and unresolved problems kept surfacing and it might have been quite a challenge to even stay together. Fortunately, Mars will re-enter your partnership sector in direct motion on September 10, and until November 15 you and your mate will remember how to defend yourself and your position without losing control. Oh, and an added bonus: the make-up sex will be amazing!


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