Leo Woman: In Love & Sex Life

Leo Woman: In Love & Sex Life

Leo ladies are warm and exuberant when it comes to expressing their feelings of passion and ardor. Sex with a Leo woman can be an extremely visceral experience, as she is fluent in the language of romance. Lions live very much in the world of the physical, inhabiting their bodies and their sexuality with immense confidence and inner power.

If you’re the demure, shrinking-violet type, you may find yourself overwhelmed by her directness and intense presence. You might want to check your love compatibility with a Leo: Once this woman set her sights on you, she will be bound and determined to find a way to get what she wants.

A Leo lover on the prowl is a formidable thing indeed, and woe be unto those hapless enough to get in between a Lioness and her prey. Never shy about her interests and pursuits, or about her very healthy relationship to pleasure and sex, this woman has no time for prudes. If you’re embarrassed by the human body and all the funny, strange, and wonderful things it can do, this slightly feral feline will find clever ways to remind you that at the end of the day, we are really just animals.

What better way to celebrate that fact than to pounce and roll, bite and nibble, and be lapped at all over with a cat-like tongue by a libertine Leo? An appreciation for the carnal is a way of life, just the way it is in nature – and a Leo knows this well, being profoundly in touch with her own vital Eros (or life-force) energy.

Be certain to show proper adulation to your Cat Goddess, for these supreme embodiments of the fire element adore being worshipped. Find out how she enjoys being petted and all the most effective ways to make your kitty purr, and you will be rewarded in return with the affection of a generous and loyal Leo lover.


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