Libra August 2018 Horoscope

Libra August 2018 Horoscope

Your love and social life are in flux this month, but there is a bright spot: you’re going to look absolutely gorgeous! Venus, your ruling planet, will move into Libra on August 6 and remains here through September 9. This once- a-year transit of Venus in your sign promises an overall boost in confidence. You’ll also notice that you literally look better. Your skin is brighter, there is a bounce in your step and you’re giving off a level of magnetism that is even stronger than usual for you. As a result, you might be attracting more people toward you. The problem with this is that you already seem to be in quite a mess when it comes to the people you already have in your love and social life.

Mercury is retrograde in your friendship sector until August 19, so there’s bound to be at least one major misunderstanding between you and a friend. Ironically, a Solar Eclipse in the same area of your chart on August 11 suggests that a new circle of friends or a networking opportunity is about to open up for you in a big way. It’s very possible that you’ll break up with one friend or even an entire group of pals this month and move toward new social contacts that feel more in line with who you truly are.

Mars is also retrograde until August 27, throwing quite a monkey wrench into your love life. If you are single and dating, you might feel like there is just no one out there for you who fits. You might be losing hope and even start to think that the only way you’ll never be alone is if you go backward and recycle an ex relationship. Although you might have the chance to do this, it looks like you’ll be doing it for the wrong reasons. Resist! The right person will come along at the right time. Make peace with the fact that this month might not be the right time. Since Venus is in your sign, however, you might get more attention from others. Notice who you meet after August 12, but don’t start anything serious until next month. It’ll be worth the wait.


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