Libra August 2019 Monthly Horoscope

Libra August 2019 Monthly Horoscope

MONTH OF AUG 2019: With Mercury now direct in soft-spoken Cancer at the start of the month, you explore deeper connections with the people you care about. Talking about important issues with your BFF helps strengthen your already amazing bond.

If you’ve been regretting an opportunity that you let slip by in the last several months, you might get another crack at it when Jupiter goes direct on August 11. If issues come back around now, see if you’ve evolved enough to take advantage of them this time.

Quirky Uranus turns retrograde that same day, so watch out for self-destructive habits to rise to the surface. You’re the only one who can make major changes in your life, Libra, and the time to take the first step is now.

The sun enters Virgo’s practical sign on the twenty-third, giving you a chance to show everyone how responsible you can be. This is a good time to finish projects, plow through red tape, and pay attention to health problems (especially stomach issues).

An enlightening sun-Uranus trine arrives on August 29, which could lead to an encouraging time of self-discovery. Learn to listen to yourself when it really matters. Become the guidance you’ve been looking for. After all, who knows you better than you do?!


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