Libra December 2017 Horoscope

Libra December 2017 Horoscope

Your love life is on fire this month! Mars, the planet of assertive drive and libido, entered your 5th House of Romance last month, and will continue to move through this part of your chart until December 19. This alone is enough to stimulate heart-pounding excitement potential. In your case, however, it gets even better after December 7 when Venus, the planet of love, joins the party. Venus will remain in your true love sector until January 3 offering you more dating opportunities if single. If you’re attached, you and your lover will enjoy a very special phase of harmony together. Treasure every moment!;
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In other news, a Full Moon on December 13 might bring a legal matter to an end, much to your relief. Another possibility is that you’ll graduate from a certification class or will obtain your license to practice a specialty. You might also be ready to release a book if you have a publishing deal in the works.

Domestic matters might get fuzzy after December 19 when Mercury turns retrograde. Until January 8 you’ll want to avoid making any firm decision about a move, or signing any real estate contracts. Be extra patient while communicating with your family during this time as well.


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