Libra November 2018 Horoscope

Libra November 2018 Horoscope

This is a fascinating month astrologically on many fronts, Libra. For you, the most pivotal turning point will occur on November 16 when Venus, your ruler, turns direct in your sign. Venus has been out of phase since October 5 but has been napping in Libra since October 31. This time period for you has likely been quite significant. Not only has it brought up a host of insecurities for you to navigate, but there might have been a great deal of uncertainty regarding a romantic relationship or a financial situation. You’ll see major developments in both of these areas in November, that’s for sure.

However, the most radical change will happen on the inside. With Venus being retrograde in your sign, you have been forced to look yourself in the mirror and see what’s really staring back at you. Is it a person with confidence, joy, exuberance, and amazing talent and love to offer the world, or is it the polar opposite? Most likely, you fall somewhere in the middle. The holes have that have opened up in your self-worth profile need to be repaired.

Knowing your worth will translate into stronger, happier relationships with others and a more successful relationship with money as well. In fact, a significant shift in your partnership is likely with Uranus edging back into your 7th House of Commitment on November 6. This change was long overdue, and you might not have felt confident enough to negotiate it before. Now you do!

A New Moon in your earned income sector follows on November 7. See? You are going to make a profound change internally that absolutely will lead to an opportunity to get your money right more than ever before.

Jupiter, the planet of blessings, will enter your communication sector on November 8. Suddenly, you are craving more knowledge. You’ll also feel inspired to share your wisdom with others. Remember, knowing your worth is the greatest knowing of all.


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