Meaning Of Aquarius Sign

Meaning Of Aquarius Sign

The two lines, that depict this sign, are considered waves representing water. Curiosity suits this fixed sign, which is the most unpredictable of all signs. Aquarians are considered to be original, highly focused, and analytical. Extremely social in behavior, Aquarians are known to make friends around the globe, though very few could be termed truly close.

Creative and artistic, they have good taste in art and luxury. Their life is never drab, but full of excitement and adventures. They like being associated with social causes, and try bring some change even in the smallest possible way. Termed less emotional, Aquarians are way too practical about life and highly energetic. Aquarians are a perfect fusion of humor and diplomacy. They believe in speaking the truth and hate to lie. Usually soft spoken, they may at times surprise all with their offending words. Aquarians possess excellent concentration powers, and their intuition is immensely strong. Living in the present, they are constantly planning for their future. Aquarians are most compatible with people born under the Gemini and Libra signs, and least compatible with Cancerians and Virgos.



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