Meaning Of Aries Sign

Meaning Of Aries Sign

Aries, a cardinal sign, is symbolized by the horns of the ram. People born under this sign are inquisitive and need to know everything that is within their reach. They are spontaneous and have very good leadership qualities, and hence motivate every person they meet.

Aries love to be the first to take up any opportunity coming their way. They actually believe and practice in the saying, ‘Actions speak louder than words‘.Hence they are doers rather than talkers. Extremely expressive and egoistic, Arians are self-centered, but not selfish. They are impatient, aggressive, and ignorant to others needs, but unintentionally and innocently, like a child. Arians do not hold a grudge against people, not even those who have hurt them, and follow the virtues – forgive and forget. Short-tempered at times, they cool down no sooner than they burst out in anger, and are even quicker to apologize. Arians get along with the Leos and Sagittarians, but not with Scorpios and Virgos.



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