Meaning Of Gemini Sign

Meaning Of Gemini Sign

A mutable sign easy to interpret, it represents the Roman numerical two. Versatility is the keyword of a true Gemini. Fun-loving and energetic, people born under this sign are very flexible. Hence they are restless and get bored very easily.

They are always open to new ideas and are interested in knowing about everything that exists on earth, but without diving deep into it. Multitasking is in their blood and they are extremely efficient in simultaneously doing many things at a time. People are often surprised by the versatility that Geminis possess. People love to bond with a Gemini, who is witty. They are generally easily identifiable in a crowd. A Gemini performs every task swiftly and is highly indecisive. They can switch over between emotions very quickly and is thereby considered to always be on the move. People born under Libra and Aquarius are compatible with a Gemini. Scorpios and Capricorns are, however, considered to be least compatible with a Gemini.



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