Meaning Of Pisces Sign

Meaning Of Pisces Sign

A mutable sign, showing two curved lines that represent two fish moving in opposite directions, Pisces is considered the most sensitive of all signs. Sacrifice is the best word to describe a Pisces individual. Pisceans are not materialistic, and not interested in monetary gains. They live for the day and are careless for tomorrow.

Pisceans are blessed with a sharp memory, and are generous and selfless. They do not judge, and accept people as they are, so as to be of help to them. They dream big and strive to make every dream see the light of the day. Pisceans have a bad tongue and can be extremely rude at times, but it seldom happens. Exceedingly helpful, Pisceans lend a helping hand even in the most difficult and tight situations. Pisceans prefer keeping a low profile. They are ‘behind the scenes’ people, who deserve all the success and accolades that other, more showy signs often get. They rarely get agitated and do not find it difficult to swim against the tide. Pisceans are friends with Cancerians and Scorpios, but not with Leos and Librans.



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