Meaning Of Sagittarius Sign

Meaning Of Sagittarius Sign

Sagittarians are archers and are symbolized by arrows. They have all the traits of a mutable sign, activity being their strength. They are like a live wire, always active and restless. They cannot sit idle and love to make full utilization of their time. Sagittarians go out of their way to aid people, especially their loved ones.

Though Sagittarians are helpful by nature, they do not receive help when in need. Moreover, they expect nothing in return from people. Having a great sense of humor, these individuals are extrovert in nature. Sagittarians are wise and have excellent communication skills. Thoroughly loyal, Sagittarians do not think before talking, and hence there is a possibility of hurting the feelings of people, not intentionally though. Sagittarians crave full freedom and live with no inhibitions. They become most upset when their freedom is stifled, as they are the happiest when on the move. They have a burning desire to conquer the world, and are fearless, honest, and kindhearted. Though zealous, they are careless and impatient. Sagittarians do make friends with Aries and Leos, but not with Cancerians and Taureans.



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