Meaning Of Taurus Sign

Meaning Of Taurus Sign

Taurus is a fixed sign represented by a bull, and symbolizes a muscular body with sharp horns. People born under this sign are often well-built, just like the animal associated with the sign. They are mentally and physically strong.

Associated with toughness, they possess immense stamina and willpower. Romantic at heart, Taureans are materialistic, desiring lavish living and loving things in grand style. They are calm and composed and prefer staying away from huge crowds. They speak less, and to the point only. Taureans are patient and do not run after opportunities. They wait for the best opportunity that comes their way. Hence they could sometimes come across as passive, boring, and aloof. Reliability is their strength. Though stubborn and dangerous when aroused, they are sympathetic and soft from within. Taureans do get along with Virgos and Capricorns. However, Librans and Sagittarians do not gel well with the Taureans.



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