Meaning Of Virgo Sign

Meaning Of Virgo Sign

Looking like a capital ‘M’, that is said to represent the intestines, a Virgo is prone to diseases related to the digestive system. Adaptability is the keyword for this mutable sign. Virgos have the ability to change their personality as the circumstances demand.

They have a remarkable memory, and the virtue of love is overflowing in them. Virgos never let anybody down, especially when a person is facing tough times. Cleanliness freaks, they are extremely hygiene conscious, and cared about their physical appearance. Virgos are quick learners and pay attention to the finest of details. They do not work half-heartedly but put in all their mind, body, and soul in accomplishing any task undertaken. Every task, big or small, is completed flawlessly, as they aim for perfection. They always keep their faith in people even if they have been backstabbed. Virgos are good decision makers and are sensible. Though shy and quiet, they have the ability to spin outlandish tales and still make them believable. Compatible with Taureans and Capricorns, a Virgo is least compatible with Arians and Aquarians.



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