Mercury in Aquarius Horoscopes – February 4, 2024

Mercury in Aquarius Horoscopes – February 4, 2024

Between February 4th and February 22nd, Mercury, known as the planet of communication, traverses through the sign of Aquarius. As this messenger planet moves into the fixed air sign, our inclination towards fact-checking, cross-referencing, and thorough analysis becomes heightened. Additionally, there is a noticeable inclination to transcend conventional thinking and societal norms. The status quo becomes uninteresting.

During Mercury’s time in Aquarius, logic and data hold considerable sway. In a world where misinformation abounds, the ability to step back, engage in rational thought, and clarify information becomes invaluable and necessary. However, an exclusive focus on numbers may lead to the neglect of emotions. While it’s important to appreciate evidence, trivia, and research findings, it’s equally essential to acknowledge and consider one’s feelings.

Mercury in Aquarius Horoscopes


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