Mercury in Cancer Horoscopes – June 26, 2023

Mercury in Cancer Horoscopes – June 26, 2023

When Mercury, our cosmic messenger, slips into the subtle streams of Cancer from June 26th until July 10th, we’re plunged into a world of nostalgia, memory, and heartfelt transmissions. During these weeks, it’s harder to parse where our thoughts begin and our deepest emotions end as we flex our inner armchair psychologist on our friends, lovers, and colleagues alike. Or reparent ourselves in journal entries. Or call in the pet psychic for our goldfish’s fit of melancholy. In this watery sign, intuition trumps logic and we are more attuned than ever to what’s being communicated by a weighty pause, a hand on the back, or a catch in the throat.

As a pipeline opens between the head and the heart, we excel in emotional check-ins, reading the room, and finishing our bestie’s sentences. Compassion floods the channels, allowing our words and insights to bring a soothing balm exactly when needed. Just remember to test the waters before offering your diagnosis of a deeply-felt situation or airing your own emotional laundry. Something as simple as asking if your listener has the capacity for a conversation will ensure that boundaries are kept water-tight.

In Cancer, the messenger doesn’t shy from stating what it needs to feel safe, nurtured, or secure — so bring your words (and an extra spoonful of vulnerability) to any relationship or dynamic that feels off-kilter. Pour your heart out to a stranger on a train. Write intricately folded letters to your friends, like it’s middle school again. Cover your bathroom mirror in post-it notes of affirmation. And don’t leave home without a travel pack of tissues or your favorite heirloom handkerchief.

Mercury in Cancer Horoscopes


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