Mercury in Gemini Horoscopes – June 11, 2023

Mercury in Gemini Horoscopes – June 11, 2023

When Mercury, the planet of communication, darts into cerebral, chatty Gemini from June 11th until June 26th, the words overfloweth. During this time, fascinations multiply and your sense of intellectual curiosity naturally expands. This placement gives the mind a prismatic quality: your ability to be riveted by every angle of an idea is magnified.

The messenger flitting through this air sign excels at forming deft and speedy connections. The exact shade of your friend‘s earrings, the general state of the economy, and the meaning behind last night‘s cryptic dream symbolism can all upload in one breezy millisecond. Feed your craving for brain candy with frequent updates to the group chat, keeping your journal current with your latest hot takes, and loitering over those celebrity gossip magazines at the doctor‘s office.

This adaptable outlook is in tune with the modern world‘s splashy 24-hour news cycle. But avoid becoming too scattered. If you find that your mental jump cuts are causing you to drop the threads of life‘s deeper plots, pause. Change the channel to your more slowly progressing interests. Committing to a practice that roots you into the wisdom of the present moment, getting lost in a long, complex novel, or checking in with your senses can help you orient amidst an avalanche of trivia. Ideally, your fact-gathering missions should be in service to answering the more profound questions tugging at your heart. Sometimes the juiciest scoop requires patience and persistence to uncover.

Mercury in Gemini Horoscopes


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