New Moon In Pisces Horoscopes – February 20, 2023

New Moon In Pisces Horoscopes – February 20, 2023

The new moon in Pisces moves through the sky on February 19 at 11:06 p.m. PT (or February 20 at 2:06 a.m. ET), heralding a new astrological era. Just a couple weeks after, in March, we’ll see some major change on the cosmic front: Saturn moves into Pisces on March 7 and Pluto enters Aquarius on March 23. This new moon functions like a portal to that new astrological chapter, hinting at what we can expect to be written in the stars in the months to come.

A new moon in Pisces—the sign of deep feelings and the inner psyche—reminds us to dream big, stirs up our creativity, and also asks us to reflect on the importance of surrender. This one marks an opportune time to hone your relationship with your intuition, given that it is the final lunation in Pisces without the tough influence of Saturn until 2026. Though Pisces is typically a free-flowing and inspiring sign, once it is occupied by taskmaster Saturn, we may notice that lunations in Pisces become less expansive and freeform and adopt a bit more of a sobering and serious tone.

On the day of the new moon, Venus in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn will also be lingering at 29 degrees, the final degree before changing signs. In astrology, the 29th degree is known as an anaretic degree, which can channel feelings of tension. As a result, we could feel more pressure under this new moon or as if we’re on the heels of a massive shift—which we are. On a collective and individual level, life will look and feel drastically different after March 2023.

In particular, this new moon foreshadows the vibe of March 18, when Saturn in Pisces will arrive at the exact point that this new moon takes place. Pay attention to the themes of conversations and interactions under this new moon, as similar topics could come up for revision on March 18.

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