Pisces 2020 January Monthly Horoscope

Pisces 2020 January Monthly Horoscope

MONTH OF JAN 2020: The calming effect of the full moon and lunar eclipse in loving Cancer on January 10 reaches into the depths of your soul and promises to help you sort out your biggest worries. And even better news? You can use the lingering effect of this lunation all month long to create a sense of love and security in your own little circle of friends and loved ones.

When loving Venus pairs up with your sensitive sign on the thirteenth, you allow yourself to open up and be more compassionate and caring to the people you trust. Letting down your inhibitions will be difficult with strangers, and there’s no real reason to do it. When your intuition warns you to be cautious, listen to it.

The moon enters your own compassionate, caring sign on January 26, which will give you heightened intuition and sensitivity. When you say you have a feeling about someone or something, you mean it. Paying attention to your dreams and gut instincts now will pay off big, Pisces.

There’s a difficult Mars-Neptune square to deal with on the twenty-eighth, causing you to be filled with suspicion and/or doubt. It’s very difficult for you when you feel you can’t trust the people closest to you, isn’t it? What’s holding you back from letting your guard down? Once you identify the problem, you can start working on finding a solution.


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