Pisces July 2018 Horoscope

Pisces July 2018 Horoscope

Venus will move into your partnership sector on July 9, remaining here through August 6. With Venus in Virgo, you’ll find that you and your mate are focusing more on what each of you can do for the other in order to make your lives together run more smoothly. The daily tasks of life, such as food shopping or cleaning the house, might become ways for you to become closer. Although it may seem boring to some, you’ll actually find this grounding. Taking care of life’s little details together will help reinforce the bond you share and help you remember that no matter what other ups and downs you and your mate might endure, your partnership works at its core.

A Solar Eclipse on July 12 falls in your 5th House of Romance, Creativity, and Children. There might be baby news on the horizon for you and your partner this month. If so, it may be something that binds the two of you together even more tightly than you were before. If you’re completely single, this eclipse can bring new love into your life. Although it might be under complicated circumstances, this can become a very fulfilling romantic adventure if you allow your heart to lead you.

Despite all the glorious love cycles this month, you may feel as though your overall energy is muted. Mercury will turn retrograde in your work sector on July 26 and remains hibernating through August 19. It’ll be a time when you’re more sensitive to miscommunication on the job and between you and your colleagues. This will also be a time when you may need to revise and even redo at least one major work assignment. Push through it, even if it seems redundant. You’ll find a silver lining in all of this once you realize that an error will be found that you might have otherwise missed.

Adding to this, Mars will be retrograde all this month and next month. Mars is the planet of assertive drive and is currently out of phase in your hidden 12th House of Privacy. You’re simply not in a position of dominant strength during this time, and you might need extra rest and recuperation. An eclipse on July 27 might be a critical health reminder that if you don’t practice self-care and fill up your cup, eventually it will be depleted. There’s no reason to push yourself to a level of exhaustion, Pisces. Don’t swim against the current. Instead, float. You will not only keep your head above water, but you could also realize that by floating, you finally get to relax.


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