Pisces October 2017 Horoscope

Pisces October 2017 Horoscope

If the month starts out with you feeling the financial pinch, don’t despair. The universe is playing a strange juggling act with your money, but you won’t come up short in the end!

Having said that, a frazzled Full Moon will illuminate your earned income sector which might possibly lead to a loss of income on October 5. It doesn’t seem to be your job (if you work for a company) so that’s good news. If, however, you have a side business, then it’s possible that the money you make from this endeavor will not be as solid early in the month. Why not consider running a special or doing a marketing campaign? Even if it’s not a smashing success it should help some. Another possibility is that you have hit a wall when it comes to funding one of your personal aspirations because there just isn’t any more cash in your budget for this endeavor. If that’s the case, it might be time to seek an outside investor.

That is actually a great idea, so before you close up shop and give up on your dreams, recognize that when it comes to other people’s money, you’ll be in a solid position to make bank. Venus will move into your 8th House of Shared Resources on October 14, offering you amazing financial possibilities in this domain. Then, on October 19, a New Moon will fall in the same area of your chart. This sets up a powerful cycle where you can set anything in motion that involves money from a source besides your own paycheck. So, go ahead and pitch an investor after this New Moon. It looks promising!

Another way you might recoup funds is through an uptick in commissions, royalties, a bonus check, or through your partner’s income (he or she might receive a raise). In some cases, if an insurance or settlement payout is coming your way, it can arrive just in the nick of time. Or, you might find out you’re owed a tax refund. Sweet! If you do need to take out a loan during this time of financial transition, you’ll get one easily and should be able to pay it back faster than you anticipate.

Lastly, Jupiter will move into your 9th House of Higher Education on October 10. This will infuse your heart and soul with a bit of wanderlust, and at some point between now and November 2018, you might decide to take that dream vacation overseas. You may decide to go back to school and obtain a degree or certification you’ve always wanted. Knowledge is power with Jupiter in Scorpio, but for you Pisces, it will also be the doorway to your future success. Open up.


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