Pisces October 2022 Horoscope

Pisces October 2022 Horoscope

As October gets underway, Pisces, the sun and diplomatic Venus in Libra highlight your sector of change and transformation. The coming weeks until October 23 are excellent for overhauling your life. Is there anything you need to get rid of? What’s the worst thing that’s hanging over you? Deal with it now and set yourself free. Letting go of whatever no longer serves you can liberate you from stress and anxiety.

This month could see you making progress. Dealmaker Mercury forges ahead on the second, followed by radical Pluto on the eighth and taskmaster Saturn on the twenty-second. If you’ve experienced more delays than you’d like, these three planets turning direct will make a difference. Once they change direction and get back on track, it will be full steam ahead.

Watch your money at the time of the full moon in Aries on October 9. You’ll need to exercise some impulse control if you want to avoid overspending. This might be one of those days when money runs through your fingers like water. If you see something you want, you won’t really care whether you can afford it or not. Try to invest rather than spend so that at least you’ll get something for your money.

Are you ready for new adventures in faraway places? With lovely Venus and the sun moving into Scorpio on the twenty-third, life might be less fraught and more expansive. These two planets are excellent for exploring new opportunities and making the most of any encounters.

And with a solar eclipse occurring in Scorpio on October 25, something special might be heading your way. You could receive an offer that’s too good to pass up, or a trip, new experience or golden opportunity could lead to bigger and better things and an exciting future.

Finally, feisty Mars turns retrograde in your domestic sector on the thirtieth, which could put the brakes on any real estate or family plans for a time.


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