Remarkably Accurate Interpretation and Meaning of Celtic Zodiac Signs

Remarkably Accurate Interpretation and Meaning of Celtic Zodiac Signs

The ancient system of astrology developed by the Celts had a very deep meaning. Although this system is not universally accepted by everyone, learning about it is quite interesting. AstrologyBay lists the 13 signs of the Celtic zodiac along with their meanings.

Celtic astrology assigns a tree and one or more animals for every zodiac sign. The tree is assigned in such a way that its natural energy matches the nature of the people belonging to that particular zodiac sign.
When the Celts developed their zodiac signs, an interesting theory went behind the whole process. They developed these symbols based on the lunar (moon) calendar, which has 13 months. They associated each month with a tree, because they believed that each tree had a unique energy of its own that corresponded to the month. This led to the birth of the Celtic zodiac tree signs. They also linked animals with these tree symbols, meaning that ever lunar month had a tree sign and an animal sign.

These 13 Druid zodiac signs signified the conscious and unconscious mind. Since the moon represented the latter, the trees came to be associated with the same. Likewise, the animal signs were linked to the conscious mind, and each sign signified a linking between the two minds. Each tree sign was assigned a Celtic letter known as an Ogham, which described the energy of that particular tree. We are sure your interest in this form of astrology has peaked by now. So, find your birth date from the following paragraphs, and see what your Celtic zodiac sign says about you. However, remember that this is a generalized description. It may match your personality completely or not match it at all. Every person is unique, so no zodiac reading will ever be accurate.

The 13 Celtic Zodiac Signs and Their Meanings

Birch Tree

Birch Tree

Date of Birth – 24th December to 20th January

Tree Sign – Birch Tree
Animal Sign – White Stag, Golden Eagle
Meaning – Achiever
Signifies – Regeneration, Balance, Growth, Initiation, Flexibility
Compatibility – Vine, Willow, Adder, Salmon
Gemstone – Crystal (Quartz)
Color – White
Ogham Word – Beithe
Ruling Celestial Body – Sun
These people are achievers, motivated, and driven, always striving for something more; they influence those around them. This is because they are born in winter, where there is only darkness outside. Hence, like the birch tree grows higher to obtain sunlight, they also always aim upwards. They are born leaders, and possess a level-headed nature and strong personality. Reliable, extremely sure of their principles, and always getting the work done are qualities describing them best. Being well-grounded, they believe in the importance of hard work. They have a sense of pride, but are never vain. Warm at heart, they can easily hold the attention of a crowd with their natural charm. They have a different approach towards life, and do not believe in following everyone else.

Date of Birth – 21st January to 17th February

Tree Sign – Rowan Tree
Animal Sign – Green Dragon
Meaning – Thinker
Signifies – Potential, Mystery, Stability, Renewal, Security
Compatibility – Hawthorn, Ivy
Gemstone – Peridot
Color – Gray
Ogham Word – Luis
Ruling Celestial Body – Uranus
These people are very philosophical. Having a unique and mysterious personality makes them stand apart from the crowd. They are very ambitious, and their thoughts are quite different from those of the rest of the world. Many times, this results in them not being able to get through to others, and hence, they prefer to be by themselves. They are very passionate about what they believe in, and are driven by it to achieve greatness. People are naturally drawn to them wherever they go. This is a result of their quiet but strong personality. They are very intelligent, and have an innate quality to see things that others do not. They can offer a fresh perspective on things, which makes working with them a unique experience. They are compassionate, kind, and genuinely caring at heart.

Ash Tree

Ash Tree

Date of Birth – 18th February to 17th March

Tree Sign – Ash Tree
Animal Sign – Seahorse, Seagull, Seal
Meaning – Enchanter
Signifies – Wisdom, Self-growth, Grounding, Rebirth, Healer
Compatibility – Willow, Reed
Gemstone – Coral
Color – Green
Ogham Word – Nuin
Ruling Celestial Body – Neptune
These people have a very strong imagination. However, they are not day-dreamers. They are born with artistic qualities, and consider nature and its elements as their inspiration to a great extent. They are into creative fields like art, poetry, or religion and God. They have a very intriguing personality that automatically attracts people to them. They do not really care what other people think or say about them, and are always in the process of bettering themselves. These people are not very rigid or stubborn, but will adjust as much as they can when the situation demands it. They are level-headed and may seem to be introverts.

Date of Birth – 18th March to 14th April

Tree Sign – Alder Tree
Animal Sign – Fox, Bear, Hawk
Meaning – Trailblazer
Signifies – Healing, Protecting, Peaceful, Passionate
Compatibility – Hawthorn, Oak
Gemstone – Ruby
Color – Red
Ogham Word – Fern
Ruling Celestial Body – Mars
These people, as the sign’s meaning suggests, are always on the move, constantly doing something. They are out there following their passion, and this nature gains them a lot of admirers and followers. Their self-confidence and charm attracts those around, and they can get along with just about anyone. They are loyal friends and will stand by those close to them. They do not like wasting time doing things that are unnecessary or insignificant. They are also not big fans of shallow behavior or a callous attitude. However, they are also fun to be around and will keep everyone motivated by their ‘let’s act!’ personality. They are energetic, intelligent, and soft at heart.

Willow Tree

Willow Tree

Date of Birth – 15th April to 12th May

Tree Sign – Willow Tree
Animal Sign – Adder, Sea Serpent, Hare
Meaning – Observer
Signifies – Intuition, Inspiration, Flexibility, Resourcefulness
Compatibility – Ivy, Birch
Gemstone – Moonstone
Color – Yellow
Ogham Word – Saille
Ruling Celestial Body – Moon
The people born under this sign are very intuitive. They have an understanding of how things work, and are realistic in their approach. They are also patient and do not react impulsively to situations. As friends, they are very loyal and can be depended on for anything. They make solid friends; people who will console someone in need and give good advice. They can also be good secret keepers. Prone to being stubborn, they are sometimes unable to see another point of view. They are highly intelligent and can converse on a wide variety of subjects with different people. They also have a very good aesthetic sense, and their tastes in clothes, home furnishings, and the like are very classy and sophisticated.

Hawthorn Tree

Hawthorn Tree

Date of Birth – 13th May to 9th June

Tree Sign – Hawthorn Tree
Animal Sign – Owl, Bee
Meaning – Illusionist
Signifies – Balance, Stability, Duality
Compatibility – Rowan, Ash
Gemstone – Topaz
Color – Purple
Ogham Word – Huathe
Ruling Celestial Body – Vulcan
These people are very flexible and adjusting. They do not make a big fuss of a situation and can adapt to change very well. They have extremely sharp minds and an excellent memory. This quick thinking makes it difficult to follow what they say at times. Their intelligence also makes them want to gain more and more knowledge on many different subjects. These people are usually the ones their friends go to for comfort. They know when the other person just needs to be heard, and can offer solutions and insights into many situations. They are very endearing and love to give and receive affection.

Oak Tree

Oak Tree

Date of Birth – 10th June to 7th July

Tree Sign – Oak Tree
Animal Sign – Wren, White Horse, Otter
Meaning – Stabilizer
Signifies – Wisdom, Nobility, Strength, Intuition, Caring
Compatibility – Ash, Reed
Gemstone – Diamond
Color – Black
Ogham Word – Duir
Ruling Celestial Body – Jupiter
These people are natural carers. They advocate for those who are unable to stand up for themselves, and will also help anyone in need. They are ready to offer comfort when someone is feeling low, and are always there for their family and friends. They can handle any problem in a calm and composed manner and come up with practical solutions. These are the kind of people who will value what is available and make the most of it. They are wonderful people to have as friends. They are always optimistic in their approach and work for any cause with a positive mindset. They love being around the ones they love. They require a sense of stability in their lives.

Date of Birth – 8th July to 4th August

Tree Sign – Holly Tree
Animal Sign – Cat, Unicorn
Meaning – Ruler
Signifies – Leadership, Dignity, Strength, Optimism
Compatibility – Ash, Elder, Bear, Owl
Gemstone – Red Carnalian
Color – Silver
Ogham Word – Tinne
Ruling Celestial Body – Earth
These people are naturally born leaders. They are not scared of any challenge and take it up eagerly, never giving up. They just try harder if they are unsuccessful. These people gain a lot of followers because of their outgoing and ‘take charge’ nature. They are competitive in any situation, and want to be the best. Although kind, caring, and giving towards those that are close to them, to others, these people come across as snobbish and arrogant. Their immense intelligence gives them an air of self-confidence. However, they are also suckers for a relaxed life and can become lazy if they get used to it.

Date of Birth – 5th August to 1st September

Tree Sign – Hazel Tree
Animal Sign – Salmon, Crane
Meaning – Knower
Signifies – Uniqueness, Intuition, Knowledge, Divination
Compatibility – Hawthorn, Rowan, Adder, Stag
Gemstone – Amethyst
Color – Brown
Ogham Word- Coll
Ruling Celestial Body – Mercury
The people born under this sign are highly intelligent, and have an excellent memory. They do not like having half knowledge about anything. However, this can lead others to think that they are being overly smart, which can cause friction. These people have good analytical skills and a knack for math, accounts, and science. They need control and direction in their lives and find it difficult to live without a strict order. They are friendly and can talk to anyone easily. They are also wise and are always observing everything around them. They have a very intuitive nature.

Date of Birth – 2nd September to 29th September

Tree Sign – Vine/Bramble Tree
Animal Sign – Swan
Meaning – Equalizer
Signifies – Reward, Growth, Transformation, Opportunity, Endurance
Compatibility – Hazel, Willow, Bee, Crane
Gemstone – Emerald
Color – Pastel shades
Ogham Word – Muin
Ruling Celestial Body – Venus
The people born under this sign are always active. Their enthusiasm and energy levels are quite high. This makes them do more things at a faster rate than other people. However, they need to be reminded to take rest because otherwise, they are unable to do justice to any good opportunity that comes their way. They are often not sure of what they really want, and find it difficult to pick a side. They are basically very loving and caring people. They love their families more than anything else, and are always ready to help those close to them in the time of need.

Ivy Tree

Ivy Tree

Date of Birth – 30th September to 27th October

Tree Sign – Ivy Tree
Animal Sign – Butterfly, Goose
Meaning – Survivor
Signifies – Growth, Regeneration, Love, Opportunity
Compatibility – Ash, Oak, Otter, Seal
Gemstone – Opal
Color – Blue
Ogham Word – Gort
Ruling Celestial Body – Moon
People born under this sign are natural survivors that can make it through any tough situation. Like an ivy plant keeps growing higher and higher despite all hardships, these people also bravely face whatever comes their way. They are very loyal friends, and care greatly about those who are very close to them. They are not loud or brash, but speak with charm and grace. They also have a witty side to them. They are mentally and emotionally strong. They are very likable and thus know different kinds of people.

Date of Birth – 28th October to 24th November

Tree Sign – Reed Tree
Animal Sign – Wolf
Meaning – Inquisitor
Signifies – Security, Expression, Clarity, Meaning
Compatibility – Ash, Reed, Oak, Bear, Cat
Gemstone – Jasper
Color – Orange
Ogham Word – Ngetal
Ruling Celestial Body – Pluto
These people are very inquisitive and curious. They are not satisfied with face value facts, and are prone to do a little investigation of their own to find out the truth. They love to know what is going on around them, and are prone to gossiping. This also draws them towards legends and myths. They love interacting with different people, and have a way of getting others to talk about things. However, they are not malicious, and do not use this knowledge to harm anybody. They have a strong personality that just seems to attract people towards them.

Date of Birth – 25th November to 23rd December

Tree Sign – Elder Tree
Animal Sign – Raven, Badger, Black Horse
Meaning – Seeker
Signifies – Wisdom, Regeneration, Revival, Change, Artistic
Compatibility – Holly, Alder
Gemstone – Black Diamond
Color – Gold
Ogham Word – Ruis
Ruling Celestial Body – Saturn
People born under this sign are wise. Most of them seem like they live a wild and impulsive life. They are extroverts and like to be there for others when in need. They are aware of other people’s feelings, but tend to be starkly honest about everything. This frankness and openness does not go down too well with others at times. Despite being outgoing, these people are fiercely protective of their space and do not like anyone intruding. They will never divulge too much personal information. They like discipline and are not the ones to give up on something easily.

Ancient Celtic astrology is a very interesting topic to read about. It has a very meaningful history. As mentioned above, no zodiac sign can ever be described to fit every person’s personality. So, there is a chance that your Celtic zodiac may not match the real you, but there is also a chance that you may learn something more about yourself after reading it.


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