Sagittarius 2020 February Monthly Horoscope

Sagittarius 2020 February Monthly Horoscope

MONTH OF FEB 2020: As communicative Mercury moves into intuitive Pisces on February 3, your thoughts are less detailed and more fantastical. Sounds dreamy, right? It can be, unless you have a major decision to make. Because Pisces thrives in a world of magic and make-believe, this isn’t the best time to address real-world problems.

Aggressive Mars meets its match in ambitious Capricorn on the sixteenth, so if you’ve had trouble crossing items off your to-do list lately, midmonth is the time to get them done. Your energy is high and your thought processes are clear, which is a winning combo.

You get caught up in a dream world when the sun moves into idealistic Pisces on February 18, but who can’t use a break from reality every so often? If you have to make an important decision now, it’s best to rely on your intuition to show you the way.

There’s also a Pisces new moon to look forward to on the twenty-third, especially since it can give you some excellent creative ideas to solve some puzzling issues you’ve been dealing with lately. This is your chance to start fresh, Sagittarius, and what better way to clear the slate than with some imaginative solutions?


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