Love will float in high spheres for the Sagittarius natives. With its pure feelings, with its discrete outbursts and with its cerebral instincts, you’ll dream of perfection, but it’s going to be unlikely that you will meet your dream man/woman.

You better come back down to earth: you shall see that the charm of mortals equals the charm of angels from our dreams.

Open your eyes wide and, above all, make the best choice, otherwise you risk making mistakes in the couple life.

The couples already formed will oscillate between the need for harmony and the desire for adventure. Due to the climate of this month, you will doubt your partner, although nothing can justify your attitude.

During the spring months, there is a risk of becoming very jealous, although it’s not the case. You have every interest in fighting against this feeling because, on long-term, it can cause only painful, unnecessary and even catastrophic conflicts. Above all, love is about trust.

With the blessings of stars, the couple life is going to be harmonious staring from the second part of 2019. However, avoid neglecting your partner – a sweet word, a small attention can make miracles.

Instead, any lack of interest could cause unnecessary disagreements. Think of how you could develop your social life because it can help you have a more objective idea of conjugal life and a more refined relationship with your partner.

An already existent friendship can transform into a more profound and tender feeling, just as you like.

On the other hand, if you are already involved in a long-term relationship, during the last part of 2019, you might enjoy multiple satisfactions, such as engagements, marriage or an unforgettable honeymoon.


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