Saturn in Pisces Horoscopes – March 7, 2023

Saturn in Pisces Horoscopes – March 7, 2023

Saturn is the farthest planet we can see with the naked eye. Though we now have the technology to reveal planets we can’t detect without a telescope, Saturn still represents the boundary. It is the barrier, the limit, the rule. And by extension, it’s also the planet of time and reality. In Pisces, however, Saturn’s walls become more elastic and permeable.

Pisces is a mutable water sign, known for its openness, compassion, and intuition — traits that Saturn could use to soften its rigidity. But there’s a shadow side to Saturn in this sign as well: Our boundaries could become so soggy that they disintegrate altogether. Pisces has a profound capacity for trust and fantasy, and with the planet of discernment here, it can be easy to fall into the undertow of a charismatic person or movement without first pausing to think for ourselves.

Saturn in Pisces will force us to adjust to a realm where hard limits aren’t necessarily obvious — like boneless jellyfish, adapted to a world of currents and slipstreams. This process won’t happen overnight, though. It will involve consistently checking in with our boundaries to ensure they’re flexible and responsive enough to change — but still resilient. And it will also require that we actively listen to our bodies, thoughts, and emotions, and choose for ourselves which rules we want to live by. Remember: Saturn is about steady persistence over time, not Band-Aid fixes.

Saturn in Pisces Horoscopes


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