Saturn Retrograde for Libra

Saturn Retrograde for Libra

Some Libras may be focused on renovating their house. Others will decide to sell the old house and to buy a new one. But, for buying, we advise you to expect for September 18th. Sign the papers only when Saturn will move directly!

Parents-children relationships also become important. Some Libras have to decide if they want to have their own children. Others, who already have children, need to understand them better. Spend more quality time with them, when they are little! But give more freedom to your teenager!

Challenging problems with parents can appear into Libras’ lives, between April 30th and September 18th. Some parents become overly critical. Or they suddenly demand more attention (especially the old ones). Others use guilt and money to control their grown-up children. And Saturn wants you to find a solution.

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