Saturn Retrograde for Sagittarius

Saturn Retrograde for Sagittarius

This is the most difficult and the most risky period of time for Sagittarius’ finances, in 2019. Between April 30th and September 18th, try to not make any major decisions or changes that affect finances! This is not a good time to sign a contract (be aware of the risks!), to ask for a raise (because there are little chances to get it), to make major investments or to buy expensive things. Leave it to the later time!

Instead, Saturn retrograde in the second house insists that you should develop an ability to build up your personal resources through hard work. On the other hand, the good side of this planetary transit is that Saturn can help you learn how to start saving money.

Guided by Saturn, those born under the sign of Sagittarius will avoid accumulating new debt, will reduce expenses and will avoid expensive addictions. The next step is to invest money intelligently and this is a good time to start it.

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